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Saturday, February 25, 2017
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The Castle on the Hill:  Louisiana’s Old State Capitol

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The Castle on the Hill:  Louisiana’s Old State Capitol

View LPB’s electronic field trip to The Castle on the Hill: Louisiana’s Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge, the site where Louisiana seceded from the Union and plunged into a bloody civil war.

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Like a phoenix, the lovely Gothic castle on the hill in Baton Rouge repeatedly rose from the ashes, suffered through a difficult history, to be reborn as a museum of Louisiana politics. Learn how the Great Flood helped carry the colorful Governor Huey Long into office; how he wielded power within the Capitol’s chambers; and ultimately faced impeachment there. Tour the old castle on the hill and decide for yourself whether Mark Twain’s opinion about the castle was accurate. This electronic field trip is appropriate for upper middle and high school students.

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NOTE: If you are interested in Colonial Williamsburg archives, please contact Colonial Williamsburg to subscribe. A paid subscription to their field trips allows access to teacher resources, the right to tape the trips and use them in perpetuity, and access to the field trips 24/7.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017
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