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Think Again: Restoring and Protecting the Gulf Coast

Archived field trip now online:

Explore the value of the Gulf Coast region to the nation, how the fragile region is threatened, what is being done to restore lost land, and what you can do to help. A five minute introductory video prepares you to take part in the live field trip. Questions were submitted in advance and were answered during the live field trip.


The 20 minute electronic field trip (EFT) delved further into the problem of coastal land loss by exploring the quickly eroding Louisiana coastal region, restoration and protection techniques being implemented, and ways that you can help. A live 25 minute Q&A session with a panel of experts follows. Links to additional resources offer more detailed background information and suggested ways that you can help.

Intended Audience: middle and high school students and the general public.

Archived Field Trips

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NOTE: If you are interested in Colonial Williamsburg archives, please contact Colonial Williamsburg to subscribe. A paid subscription to their field trips allows access to teacher resources, the right to tape the trips and use them in perpetuity, and access to the field trips 24/7.

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