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Parenting Counts: A Focus on Early Learning

Copycats Copycats
(about imitative behavior)
Whether you hum when you’re happy or stomp your foot when you’re mad, your kids are learning from you every day and in every way.
More from PBS.
Careful Frank Careful Frank
(about communicating approval)
Your child is learning what’s okay and what’s not by reading your expressions and watching your gestures.
More from PBS. • www.parentingcounts.org
Book of Jenny Book of Jenny
(about getting in tune with baby)
Every baby communicates in his or her own way with special cues. It is your job to interpret what your baby is saying with these little signals.
More from PBS.www.parentingcounts.org
Rough Day Rough Day
(about handling stress)
When you are stressed, do your kids know it? Kids learn how to cope with stress by watching what you do in stressful situations.
More from PBS www.parentingcounts.org
Testing 1,2,3 Testing 1,2,3
(about learning by testing)
Toddlers need to test everything in their environment, over and over and over again. Many times, they also test you!
More from PBS www.parentingcounts.org
Parentese Parentese
(about talking to baby)
Babies love to hear Parentese, the sing-song speech that many parents naturally use to help their baby learn sounds and words.
More from PBS www.parentingcounts.org

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