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Here are several things coming up quickly that you and your students may be interested in:

1) Don’t miss the new website, How Can We Protect the Air We Breathe, developed by Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and LPB. The site includes an extremely informative video and four standards-based student activities appropriate for middle to high school students.

Live Webinar Q&A: Your students have an opportunity to pose their air quality questions to two environmental experts from the DEQ who will answer them live in a webinar on October 22nd at 10 a.m. Registration is required and space is limited so register now at https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/684069310.

Can’t make that time? Go ahead and register and ask your questions in spaces on the registration form. We will try to answer as many questions as possible. The webinar will be archived and available on-demand any time you need it.

Your students can ask questions about air quality, monitoring, careers and anything else that they are wondering about related to the environment. If you want to ask the question live, please have a microphone connected to your computer. Have your questions written down and read the first one as soon as your name is called. Be sure to turn the audio on your computer down to prevent feedback and then turn it up to hear the answer. If your audio doesn't work, we will ask the questions for you.

2) Be sure to follow us on Facebook -- LPB LearningMedia…your go to place for PreK-12 digital media aligned to Common Core and national standards. The 100th teacher to like us will win a special prize!

3) Every Saturday from October 4th through October 25th at 7:00 a.m., DROPPING BACK IN, a series on LPBHD, will look at how adults who have dropped out of school can “drop back in” and succeed. People relay their own personal stories about how they returned to school and earned their equivalency diplomas. This series provides valuable resources and inspiring stories that will motivate many Americans to resume their educational pathways. Outreach materials and resources are available at http://www.droppingbackin.org.

4) The first Colonial Williamsburg free electronic field trip, The Global Economy, is available October 9th. What we think of as the modern global economy is actually centuries old! Join Maggie, an adventurous rat, as she boards ships using international trade routes to make her way home from England to the American colonies. Along the way, discover the inner workings of the eighteenth-century mercantile system. Pre-registration, which is required, and further information is available at http://www.lpb.org/etrips. These trips are appropriate for grades 4-8.

5) GET YOUR TECH ON with a chance to win free tablets! PBS LearningMedia will be giving away one weekly. Plus, there will be one grand prize winner who will receive up to 30 tablets for their classroom! Enter once a day to maximize your school’s chance of winning! ENTER TO WIN

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