Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jenny’s Yellow Ribbon

  • Story by Janie Spaht Gill, Ph.D.
  • Illustrations by Lori Anderson Wing
  • DOMINIE PRESS / Pearson Learning Group
  • GLE: Sequence two pictures (pre-kindergarten, kindergarten & Grades 1 & 2)
  • Curriculum Extension Activities
    • Have the children write a cause and an effect on a sentence strip.  Cut the sentence strip in half, separating the cause from the effect.  Then mix up the causes and the effects.  One by one, the children match the cause with the appropriate effect.  For example, “I didn’t clean my room.” (Cause)  “I couldn’t find my socks.”  (Effect)
    • Play a game of “Ten Questions” in which one child hides a small object, such as a yellow ribbon.  The other children have ten guesses to try to determine where the object is.  Their guesses must be in the form of a questions calling for a “yes” or “no” answer.  The child who makes the correct guess and finds the object then becomes the one to hide something from the others.
    • Talk about the rhyming words in the story: seat/street; mat/cat; ground/sound, etc.  Ask the children to write several words that rhyme with each pair of rhyming words in Jenny’s Yellow Ribbon.  For example, beginning with seat/street they might add heat and meet.
    • Write the text of each page of the story on separate sheets of paper and have the children illustrate them.  Then hang the pages in correct sequence on a string that has been strung across the room.

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