Saturday, July 04, 2015

My Pet Zoo

  • Story by Janie Spaht Gill, Ph.D.
  • Illustrations by Bob Reese
  • DOMINIE PRESS / Pearson Learning Group
  • GLE: Rhyming (pre-kindergarten, kindergarten & Grades 1 & 2)
  • Curriculum Extension Activities
    • Retell the story using drama.  The children could draw the animal faces on construction paper, cut them out, and then staple them to a strip of tag board.  The children could bring actual props from home to depict things that the animals used in the book, or they could draw them on sheets of construction.
    • Make a class mural of a zoo.  Paint or draw the cages, trees, water, caves, etc.  The children can then draw the animals in the appropriate habitats.
    • ask the children to draw and cut out their favorite animal in the story.  Under each drawing, have them write the name of the animal.  Arrange the animals on a chart, first from lightest to heaviest, then in alphabetical order.
    • If possible, take the children on a field trip to a zoo.  If a visit to a zoo is out of the questions, show them a video featuring zoo animals, or have someone involved with animal care come and talk to the class.

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