Tuesday, July 07, 2015

So-o-o- Long

  • Story by Janie Spaht Gill, Ph.D.
  • Illustrations by Bob Reese
  • ARO Publishing
  • GLE: The title tells you what the story is about (pre-kindergarten, kindergarten & Grades 1 & 2)
  • Curriculum Extension Activities
    • Have students think of things one can measure of different lengths.
    • Make comparisons of things of various lengths.  For example, ask which is taller – a baby or a daddy?  Which is longer – a day or a month?  Which is shorter – a belt or a shoe string?
    • Extend the story by having students name other long things such as Santa’s beard, etc.
    • So-o-o- long has a double meaning.  Name other words that have double meanings such as a mean bully or “I mean what I say;” a light bulb or a light load.
    • Give the children paper, glue and toothpicks to glue onto paper to make a cage.  When the toothpicks dry, have the children draw a zoo animal inside the cage.
    • Talk to the children about why it is good to get enough sleep, and what you should do when you have a bad dream.  Have some of the children recall their last dream.  Discuss other healthy habits (eating properly, getting exercise, brushing teeth).
    • Have children compile a list of things a child does to prepare for bed.  Have a child pantomime one of these actions (reading a book, brushing their teeth, taking a bath, washing their hair, putting on their pajamas, kissing their parents, turning out the light, etc.).

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