Wednesday, November 25, 2015

In early 2005, sisters Stephanie Riegel and Tracey Koch launched Kids Dish, a family friendly food column that appears monthly in The Advocate of Baton Rouge. Its premise is simple: The best way to get kids to eat healthier, better-balanced meals is to bring them into the kitchen and involve them in the meal preparation process. To that end, each column features a complete menu with several recipes each that are nutritious and seasonally appropriate, family-friendly and fun to make. Included with each recipe is a special section for young kitchen helpers, detailing how best they can help prepare the meal.

A television version of Kids Dish appeared for two years on WBTR in Baton Rouge and now, LPB is taking Kids Dish on the web! The new web site will feature short video segments demonstrating how to make some of Kids Dish’s most popular recipes. The site will also include recipes that users can download, and tips on everything from nutritional information to food preparation tips to handy short cuts. The videos are fast-paced and fun to watch, but are also comprehensive and easy to understand. Kids Dish on is sponsored by Our Lady of the Lake Childrens Hospital and Associated Grocers.

Stephanie Riegel and Tracey Koch are sisters and native Louisianans with five young children between them. They started Kids Dish as a way to pool their collective experiences in the fields of culinary arts and journalism. Stephanie Riegel is a freelance writer and communications consultant in Baton Rouge, where she writes for The Baton Rouge Business Report, 225, The Advocate FOOD section, and Country Roads Magazine, among others. She also contributes to WAFB-TV and is a former investigative reporter for WWL-TV in New Orleans. Tracey Koch is a graduate of the Cambridge Culinary Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has more than 14 years experience as a caterer, cookbook author and cooking instructor in Baton Rouge. Together, they make an unbeatable team.

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