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MY MUSIC spotlights the girl groups and female singers of the 1960s in an all-new, all archival pledge special which features the rarest footage and original performances from back in the early and mid-1960s. Curating the collection from worldwide archives including American Bandstand, Where The Action Is, Shindig!, and many long lost worldwide vaults, this special is built around a first-time ever all new PBS exclusive CD box set of original girl group hit recordings, gathered together for the first time on one package. The special also features a 3-DVD set with girl group and solo female classics, never before made available on DVD. "This time in American pop music is very special" says series creator TJ Lubinsky, "it's a time of innocence, angst, puppy love, heartbreak, and most of all great memories of younger carefree times -- like the feeling we all share of that one special summer we all had in our teens - wherever we were hearing these songs on the radio." It's early rock and pop at its best on PBS. Hosted by the always "Supreme, " Mary Wilson. Pledge Event hosted by TJ Lubinsky and Denise Richardson.

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Friday, August 8, 10:00 pm on LPB

Sunday, August 10, 10:00 pm on LPB2

Tuesday, August 12, 11:00 pm on LPB

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$250 or $20.84 per month - 60S GIRL GROOVES COMBO

Combo: 6 CD Set and 3 DVD Set, "Girl Grooves"

$150 or $12.50 per month - 60S GIRL GROOVES DVD SET

3 DVD Set, "Girl Grooves"

$150 or $12.50 per month - 60S GIRL GROOVES CD SET

6 CD Set, "Girl Grooves"

$60 or $5 per month - 60S GIRL GROOVES CD

CD, "Girl Grooves" Soundtrack Album

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