LPB Holiday Candle »»»

LPB Holiday Candle

Nouvelle Candle Company was founded in 2001. We take great pride in the fact that our product is blended, poured, and packaged by hand in our warehouses located in the heart of South Louisiana. We feel that a candle should accomplish several things when it is lit. A fragrant candle should fill your home with an aroma that is pleasing, while burning clean with no smoke, for a long period of time.

Simple yet classic packaging, warm muted colors, and divine custom blended fragrances join together to invoke a sense of old world charm that is Nouvelle.

Friends of Louisiana Public Broadcasting
7733 Perkins Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70810
For assistance by phone: 1-800-272-8161 x4214 or 225-767-4214

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Exclusive for Louisiana Public Broadcasting this holiday season!

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$100 - LPB Holiday Candle

LPB Holiday Candle
Created especially for LPB by Nouvelle Candles in Louisiana

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When will I receive my thank you gift?
Why are the thank you gifts Friends of LPB offers during pledge drives so expensive? Why can't I buy these items at a regular retail price?
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