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For more than 40 years, Washington Week has delivered the most interesting conversation of the week.

Washington Week is the longest-running primetime news & public affairs program on television. The show first aired locally on WETA on February 23, 1967 as Washington Week In Review. A few months later it began broadcasting over Eastern Educational Network, a group of 14 stations located between Washington, D.C. and Maine. In January 1969, it became the first local program to air on the new Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).

Washington Week features a group of journalists participating in roundtable discussion of major news events. In its early years, Washington Week maintained three regular correspondents — Peter Lisagor, Charles Corddry, and Neil MacNeil — but in 1970 the format changed to three regular reporters and a weekly guest reporter. The program currently maintains a small core group of regular correspondents and a larger group of occasional guests.

Washington Week's future has been in question only once during its existence. In 1972 the Nixon administration, citing Washington Week specifically, generated intense pressure against public affairs programs on PBS. The deluge of mail from avid viewers saved it.

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