114 - Dove Breast Delight/The Duck Camp (Buckley Kessler – White Castle)

This week Chef Folse prepares Dove. After rubbing salt and pepper into the dove breasts, they’re browned (for that caramelized flavor) in butter-flavored oil. They’re then placed in a crock pot with potatoes, carrots, onions, celery, garlic, game stock and canned cream of celery soup – and cooked for nine hours. It’s ladled over grits just before serving. Chef Folse then travels to The Duck Camp in White Castle, LA where he prepares Dove Breasts Wrapped in Bacon. He finished off the show with Smothered Doves. The dove breasts are browned in a pot – then onions, celery, bell pepper, canned French onion soup, beef stock, canned mushrooms, and sherry are added. After bringing it to a rolling boil for a couple of hours – the smothered doves are served over home baked biscuits.

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After The Hunt - 114 Dove Breast Delight/The Duck Camp DVD
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