113 - Grilled Beaver/Lewis & Clark

This week Chef Folse cooks some of the exotic game that Louis & Clark first encountered during their Corps of Discovery journey. He begins with a Black Bear Pot Roast topped with caramelized honey and wild blueberry sauce. The roast is first marinated for two days with garlic, carrots, celery, onions and lemon juice. Garlic, bay leaves, pepper corn, juniper berries, thyme and basil are also added. Once marinated the roast is seared until golden brown. Wine, Creole seasoning and the marinating ingredients are then added and braised for three hours. It’s finished off with a caramelized honey and wild blueberry sauce. Next Chef Folse heads off to Giles Island with special guest Chef Rick Tramonto where they prepare Grilled Beaver Tail. He finishes off the show with Stewed Beaver. The meat is first browned and mixed with a dark roux… then onions, celery, bell peppers, garlic, carrots and tomatoes along with squash and turnips are added to the pot. Beaver stock is incorporated and simmered to completion.

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After The Hunt - 113 Grilled Beaver/Lewis & Clark DVD
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