Washing Away: Losing Louisiana (2006)

imageCoastal land loss affects everyone.

If you consume oil or gas, buy or sell goods from anywhere in the world, enjoy seafood, sugar, rice or beef or if you love the wonderful music, cuisine and culture of south Louisiana, our vanishing coastline affects you.

Washing Away: Losing Louisiana weaves together the personal accounts of six Louisianians as they struggle to rebuild their lives in the wake of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in a region that is literally vanishing from under them.

Telling their own stories in their own voices, the six central characters represent a cross-section of race, generation, socio-economic status, education, geography, and industry.

While these characters represent the cultural and social "gumbo" that defines Louisiana, they all share one thing: their communities, livelihoods and their very lives depend on a healthy, protective Louisiana coastline.

And the nation depends on them.

imageEach of Washing Away’s interviewees were devastated by Katrina or Rita.

Living all along Louisiana’s coast, they include a shrimper and seafood business operator; a Cajun family farm owner; a New Orleans chef and restaurant owner; an oil and gas port operator, crawfish and alligator farmer and avid outdoorsman; a New Orleans musician and evacuee; and an unassuming environmentalist fighting to save the home and community he passionately loves.

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