Ted Falgout

Ted Falgout

Former director of Port Fourchon, fisherman, crawfish and alligator farmer.

Ted Falgout has overseen substantial storm protection and infrastructure improvements during his 30-year tenure as the Director of Port Fourchon, the nation’s largest oil and gas hub.

Navigation channels, oil and gas canals and transmission pipelines are significant contributors to wetlands loss and he has made it his mission to reduce and reverse those impacts.

An avid waterfowl enthusiast and fisherman, crawfish and alligator farmer, his family ties to the land run five generations deep.

After attempting to retire at the end of 2009, his passion for protecting the region pulled him back into service as the Liaison for Ports and Parish Governments at BP’s Primary Incident Command Center in Houma.

As someone who deeply values his Cajun roots and ties to the land, Falgout addresses the paradox of energy production and wetlands protection in Louisiana.

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