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Dr. Gary M. Wiltz
Chief Executive Officer of Teche Action Clinic in Franklin, Louisiana

Dr. Gary M. Wiltz is the Chief Executive Officer of Teche Action Clinic in Franklin, Louisiana. Prior to his appointment as CEO in May 2003, Dr. Wiltz held the position of Medical Director since his arrival at Teche Action Clinic in 1982, as part of an obligated service to the National Health Service Corp (NHSC).

Dr. Wiltz is a native New Orleanean. He did his medical school training at Tulane University School of Medicine and while at Tulane he incurred his three-year commitment to the NHSC. Dr. Wiltz’s three-year commitment has turned into a lifetime commitment to the people that he serves in Franklin, Louisiana.

Dr. Wiltz has served in many capacities on a local, state and national level including the Chairman of the Area Health Education Centers (AHEC) of Louisiana, Chairman of the Louisiana Primary Care Association, Board Member and Chairman of the National Advisory Council for the NHSC, he also served on Former Governor Mike Foster’s Health Care Transition Team and most recently served on Governor Kathleen Blanco’s Health Care Transition Team. Dr. Wiltz and Teche Action Clinic are frequently referred to as the model for the state and possibly the nation for delivery of health care in a community health center setting. While his service and recognitions are far to many to name, some include: Medical Director of the Year 1994-95 by the Louisiana Primary Care Association. He was chosen as of only ten recipients nationally selected for the Robert Wood Johnson’s prestigious “Community Health Leadership Award.”

Still serving as their ‘ambassador’, Dr. Wiltz travels around the country assisting other community health centers improve services provided to their patients. In 2000, he was featured on the “Discovery Health Channel” in their presentation of “Bayou Medicine”.

A family man, Dr. Wiltz and his wife Diane of twenty-eight years, are the proud parents of two adult children – Suzanne, a grad student at Loyola and Jonas, a third year medical student at Tulane.

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