08/15 - Louisiana Post-Katrina: A Decade of Difference

What difference has a decade made?

Ten years ago this August, Hurricane Katrina swept through Southeast Louisiana, triggering what would become the nation’s costliest natural disaster. Flooding in New Orleans uprooted residents and forever altered the landscape. The recovery process has involved a significant restructuring of the city’s education and healthcare systems and a dramatic shift in demographics. This month Louisiana Public Square takes a look at where the state is now and explores what lessons have been learned since 2005.

How effective has the reorganization of the New Orleans’ school system been? How has privatization of the city’s healthcare delivery system affected access? How prepared is the region to evacuate residents if needed in the future? And how protected is the area now against a similar storm scenario? Louisiana Public Square looks for answers on “Louisiana Post-Katrina: A Decade of Difference” airing Wednesday, August 26 at 7 p.m. on LPB HD. (Taping TBD)

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08/15 - Louisiana Post-Katrina: A Decade of Difference

What difference has a decade made?

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