12/09 - The Best of Louisiana Public Square 2009

We take a look back at some of the more memorable moments from the past season of LPB's public affairs program.

Louisiana Public Square hosts Beth Courtney and Craig Freeman look back at some of the more memorable moments from the past season of LPB’s award-winning public affairs program on The Best of Louisiana Public Square 2009.

Topics covered include the state’s efforts to move its economy forward (from Economic Development in Louisiana taped at the Strauss Theatre in Monroe); how to reduce the large number of Louisiana high school dropouts (from Louisiana’s Dropout Problem); the influence of online social media sites such as Facebook (from The Power of Social Networking -a topic generated by members of the Legislative Youth Advisory Council); and an in-depth look at how procedures, policies and planning for hurricanes have changed since Katrina, Rita and Gustav (from Hurricane! Lessons Learned – a collaboration between LPB and Mississippi Public Broadcasting).

For more information about the programs featured in The Best of Louisiana Public Square 2009 visit the websites below:

Economic Development 2009 (Originally broadcast February 25, 2009)

Louisiana’s Dropout Problem (Originally broadcast March 25, 2009)

The Power of Social Networking (Originally broadcast May 27, 2009)

Hurricane! Lessons Learned: A Special Edition - Louisiana & Hurricane! Lessons Learned: A Special Edition - Mississippi (Originally broadcast August 26, 2009)

This program was also funded in part by the Louisiana Forestry Association

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