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Louisiana: The State We're In - Season 30 »»»

SWI 3001 September 1, 2006

Louisiana's weekly statewide news magazine starts its 30th season on the air. Find out why efforts to realign Louisiana Colleges and Universities have stirred up the higher education community in Louisiana. Travel to southwest Louisiana where hundreds of homeowners in Cameron Parish have banded together to fight storm-related insurance disputes. Visit the New Orleans Museum of Art for an exhibition of extraordinary Katrina images shot by local, national and international photographers.

SWI 3002 September 8, 2006

Travel to Shreveport and New Orleans to find out why Louisiana has been ranked as the number one spot to produce major films outside of Hollywood. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the IMAX film "Hurricane on the Bayou." Plus, we'll talk to the French Consul General to New Orleans about how the deep ties between New Orleans and France inspired a special Katrina disaster relief partnership between Louisiana and France.

SWI 3003 September 15, 2006

We'll profile the race for Louisiana Insurance Commissioner, including a discussion with political observers about the race. Also, get a look at a photojournalism mentoring program that gives New Orleans teenagers a way to express themselves and document their experiences with Hurricane Katrina.

SWI 3004 September 22, 2006

LSU Paul Hebert Law Center is celebrating it's 100th year--get a brief history of how the school came to be. Meet a couple from Baton Rouge who traveled to Israel this summer--and returned just before the Israeli-Lebanese War erupted. Also, take a look at South Louisiana's 300-year history of devastating storms and flooding.

SWI 3005 September 29, 2006

See a profile of the top three contenders in Saturday's race for Secretary of State. Then, hear a conversation with leaders of the state's top professions about prospects for Louisiana's growing young workforce. Also, visit one of the top high school radio stations in the country, WBRH, at Baton Rouge Magnet High School.

SWI 3006 October 6, 2006

Should legislative districts be redrawn to compensate for the populations lost along the coast and especially in New Orleans in the wake of last year's hurricanes? Some say yes and others predict a nasty court fight over the issue. We'll look at both sides of the debate. In "What's In a Name," we travel to the southwest Louisiana town of Mowatta to explore the roots and reasons for the founding and naming of this town. Then head to north Louisiana where a Minden couple has decided to go underground--literally--in their unique hillside home.

SWI 3007 October 13, 2006

We'll tell you about a 25-year study of Louisiana's public education system which reveals the close link between economic achievement and education. Louisiana, of course, has been losing ground in both. Then travel to Avery Island, home of a rich and spicy history as our "What's In a Name?" series continues. Then it's off to Monroe for music, dance and good food during the city's second annual Celtic Festival.

SWI 3008 October 20, 2006

We'll commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Luling Ferry Disaster where 78 people died in the worst ferry accident in the country's history. Our "What's In a Name?" series continues with a visit to Breaux Bridge, more than just the crawfish capitol of the world. Also, see a profile of the successful Bossier City Community College.

SWI 3009 October 27, 2006

We'll take a look at Tax Increment Financing Districts--corporate welfare or economic development gold? Richard House, Executive Counsel for the State Economic Development Department will be with us to discuss it. Also, meet the top two croquet players in Louisiana on their field of dreams in West Baton Rouge Parish.

SWI 3010 November 3, 2006

We'll check out the campaign in the 3rd Congressional district where the issues are hot and the leading candidates are trading shots. Then, step back into the past for a look at what may have been the most heated political contest in Louisiana in the past 25 years. See clips from the 1983 LPB debate between then Governor Dave Treen and challenger Edwin Edwards. Also, see a profile of Louisiana Businessman Todd Graves, founder of Raising Cane's, on the restaurant chain's tenth anniversary.

SWI 3011 November 10, 2006

Take a look back at election day in Louisiana where the state's new Chief Eections Oficer hit the ground running. Get a preview of a new documentary to be aired on LPB--it's the story of "The Southern Sixteen," students who challeneged the racial divisions in the Baton Rouge business community 46 years ago. Plus, we'll profile Louisiana writer Sharon Doucet whose award-winning works appeal to children and adults.

SWI 3012 November 17, 2006

We go to Pineville for the 100th anniversary of Louisiana College. Then, in our "What's in a Name?" series, we find out about the colorful past of the town of Turkey Creek. Also, we head to New Orleans for the International Conference on WWII presented by the National World War II Museum.

SWI 3013 November 24, 2006

Hear from a California Cajun who's writing a cook book and unveiled it in time for her big Louisiana family reunion. Our "What's in a Name?" feature takes us to the town of Start, Louisiana. This Richland Parish community is home to country music star Tim McGraw. Plus we kick off the holiday season on how you can help with this year's "Toys for Tots" campaign in Louisiana.

SWI 3014 December 1, 2006

See a profile of Louisiana's growing Libertarian Party. Travel to New Orleans to celebrate the return of the Bayou Classic to the Crescent City. Hear about an arts initiative in Richland Parish that brings artists and performers from across the state, nation and around the world to this corner of Northeast Louisiana.

SWI 3015 December 8, 2006

We'll take a look at the controversy surrounding Governor Blanco's December Special Session. Then we'll go back in history to a Special Session 26 years ago that took a rocky road as well. Plus, we'll head to the town of Livingston to visit a science center that makes physics "awesome" for students.

SWI 3016 December 15, 2006

This week on Louisiana: The State We're In: the Legislature hands Governor Blanco a defeat for most of her special session plans. We'll have the latest from the State Capitol. We'll have a report on conservationists meeting in New Orleans to talk about the future of Louisiana's coastal wetlands. Then visit Lake Charles where the holiday season is kicked off in a competitive spirit with the 19th annual Gingerbread House contest.

SWI 3017 December 22, 2006

Join us as we sit down with State Economic Development Secretary Michael Olivier to talk about Louisiana's business wins in 2006. Then, with December being AIDS awareness month, we visit a young African-American mother who's bravely facing her own battle with the disease. Plus, we'll have the sounds of the season-- barbershop-style--with the Louisiana Showboat Chorus.

SWI 3018 December 29, 2006

This week, we present an encore performance of this year's Emmy award-winning profile of the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts in Natchitoches. Then visit the workshop of a craftsman who restores phonographs from days gone past. Then, celebrate a vintage Christmas at Louisiana's Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge.

SWI 3019 January 5, 2007

Governor Kathleen Blanco reviews her performance in the year past and her plans for the new year. We'll also talk with a panel of Capitol correspondants about 2006, plus their predictions for 2007. Scheduled guests: John Hill, Capitol Bureau Chief for Gannett Newspapers; Jan Moller, Capitol Correspondant for the New Orleans Times-Picayune; and Michelle Mulholland, Capitol Correspondant for the Baton Rouge Advocate.

SWI 3020 January 12, 2007

Examine a scathing report on the current condition of Louisiana's roads and highways. We'll head to Lafayette where a year-long celebration is underway to mark the 250th anniversary of the birth of the Marquis de Lafayette. Plus, tour a special art exhibit in Baton Rouge that uses numbers to evoke connections to the universe.

SWI 3021 January 19, 2007

Head to the State Capitol where lawmakers are tackling the difficult task of reforming Louisiana's insurance laws. Then travel to Plain Dealing in northwest Louisiana as our "What's In A Name?" series continues. Plus, in Baton Rouge, we'll check out the creative statement of quilters who want to save Louisiana's swamps.

January 26, 2007 Louisiana Speaks: Our Voice. Our Plan. Our Future.
A Special Presentation of Louisiana Public Square

Want to help shape the future of land use, transportation, economic policy, housing, and wetland loss in Louisiana? For the past year, some of the best regional planners in the world have come to the Bayou State to gather hard data and talk with local residents and leaders about how these issues can best be addressed. See the fascinating results of this research and find out the benefits - and consequences - of pursuing alternative futures. You'll get to vote on specific options that will affect every citizen's future.

SWI 3022 February 2, 2007

Hear about the U.S. Senate panel that convened in New Orleans and blasted storm relief efforts along the hurricane-damaged Gulf Coast. Travel to Bogalusa, a town known for producing paper, gold and platinum, as our "What's In a Name?" series continues. And meet a Cane River native who makes filé using a traditional family recipe.

SWI 3023 February 9, 2007

We'll meet the new mayor of Shreveport, Cedric Glover. Then as our "What's In A Name?" series continues, we'll head to Eunice, the self-proclaimed Cajun music capitol of Louisiana. Plus, we visit the Bird Resouce Center at LSU's Natural History Museum to find out why Louisiana's feathered friends are of global importance.

SWI 3024 February 16, 2007

Get a report on efforts to put an end to New Orleans' latest crime wave by their City Council. Head to Thibodaux, home of Cajun art and a wealth of music history, as our "What's In A Name ?" series continues. Then, visit the World War II Museum in New Orleans where life of holocaust victim Anne Frank and her letters are featured in a special exhibit.

SWI 3025 February 23, 2007

We head to Grant Parish where residents and local officials are angry about the state's new building code requirements. They say they can't afford to implement it. Then, we'll have a tribute to former Education Superintendent Cecil Picard who was buried this week in his hometown of Maurice after losing his battle to ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Plus, delve into the State We're In archives and see a February 1980 interview with then Louisiana Senator Russell Long in which he talks about the possibility of a draft and the ramifications of U.S. military intervention in Iran.

SWI 3026 March 2, 2007

Robyn Ekings talks with Louisiana WWII veterans who share their memories of that historic event. Charlie Whinham reports on two LSU students who have made the grade with USA Today and the nation. Finally, we'll visit with a special choir that's raising money for prison ministries in Louisiana.

SWI 3027 March 9, 2007

Examine the move to abolish the State Insurance Rating Commission and what that will mean to consumers. Then, travel to Opelousas as our "What's In A Name?" series continues. Plus, hear about a national oral history project that's captured voices from Acadiana.

SWI 3028 March 16, 2007

We go to Washington Parish where the FBI has reopened an investigation into a violent 1965 civil rights case. Then, with March Madness underway, visit with Coach Tiny Tarbutton of the Louisiana town of Baskin who is one of the winningest highschool basketball coaches in the nation. Plus, we head to New Orleans to visit an exhibit that depicts the changing role of women at the turn of the 20th Century, a collection from museums all across France.

SWI 3029 March 23, 2007

Take a look at Governor Kathleen Blanco's stunning announcement this week that she will not seek re-election. We'll discuss what's next with a panel of Capitol experts. Then we'll take a look at Louisiana's political clout in Washington D.C.

SWI 3030 March 30, 2007

Robyn Ekings has an exclusive one-on-one interview with potential gubernatorial candidate and former U.S. Senator John Breaux. Then, we examine the questions surrounding the challenge to Senator Breaux's Louisiana citizenship. Plus, we'll head to New Orleans to visit a unique exhibit showcasing treasures of the Vatican.

SWI 3031 April 6, 2007

Take a look back at the life of football coaching legend Eddie Robinson who died this week in northern Louisiana at the age of 88. Also, take pause to remember Louisiana's fallen firefighters with a memorial tribute held in Baton Rouge. Take a look at groundbreaking began this week to elevate Highway LA 1 from Port Fourchon to Leeville. A great catch has been discovered by a couple of Lafayette inventors. Finally, the Louisiana TPC in Avondale is preparing for it's first P.G.A. tournament since Hurricane Katrina.

SWI 3032 April 13, 2007

Football Coaching Legend Eddie Robinson is laid to rest in Grambling and we take a look at the tributes across the state to this great sports leader. We reach back into the State We're In archives to the hotly-contested 1980 presidential election where sitting governor Dave Treen backed Ronald Reagan and former governor Edwin Edwards backed incumbant Jimmy Carter. Also, Swine Palace in Baton Rouge prepares for the world premiere of "Cocktail," a play focusing on the struggles of a Thai scientist trying to get much needed medicine to AIDS victims in the late 1980's.

SWI 3033 April 20, 2007

We have an in-depth interview with leading Democratic gubernatorial candidate Foster Campbell. Then head to St. Martinville where a new homebuilding company is turning out hurricane-resistant homes for residents in storm-prone areas. Finally, the Louisiana Iris, from its origins in the swamps across our state, Louisiana's state wildflower is being welcomed in gardens across the country.

SWI 3034 April 27, 2007

Lawmakers preview the regular legislative session set to begin this Monday, April 30th. We'll have an in-depth interview with gubernatorial candidate Walter Boasso of St. Bernard Parish. Also, hear the story of a Baton Rouge triathlete and her aunt who overcame larger-than-usual obstacles to compete.

SWI 3035 May 4, 2007

Get a complete wrap-up of the opening week of the 2007 legislative session. Visit the National Conference of Black Mayors meeting in Baton Rouge, where several Democratic Presidential candidates are among those addressing key African American leaders from across the country. Plus, check out LPB's salute to the 2007 Young Heroes--we'll show highlights of this annual event that celebrates the best in Louisiana youth.

SWI 3036 May 11, 2007

Get a wrap-up of all the action in this second week of the 2007 regular legislative session. We'll visit with Louisiana native Walter Isaacson to talk about his new bestselling biography on the life and philosophy of Albert Einstien. Plus, we talk to some globetrotting Louisiana grandmothers who are gunning for their fifth gold medal in basketball in the Senior Olympic Games to be held in Kentucky next month.

SWI 3037 May 18, 2007

Get a complete wrap up of the legislative action following the third week of the regular session. Then, in DeRidder, we'll see a new tool in the battle to restore our coast -- a salt-tolerant Bald Cypress tree. Plus, visit with a Louisiana cattle rancher who tells us about the life of cowboys in Louisiana.

SWI 3038 May 25, 2007

We're at the capitol for a wrap-up of all the action during the fourth week of the regular legislative session. Then, we get a special tour of the state capitol on it's 75th anniversary from the grandson of former U.S. Senator John Overton--Senator Overton gave the address that officially dedicated this historic building. Also, get a preview of the annual LPB art auction--the bidding is already underway!

SWI 3039 June 1, 2007

Get a wrap-up of the fifth week of the regular session, where money, ethics requirements, and building codes are among the issues on the table. Then take a look at the latest development in a long-running battle to limit oil and gas exploration on Lake Peigneur in Southwest Louisiana. Plus, visit with two families who have donated historic homes to the West Baton Rouge Parish museum.

SWI 3040 June 8, 2007

The regular state legislative session passes the halfway mark and we look at the money issues, cockfighting ban proposals and a proposition to revamp the state's indigent defender system that lawmakers are debating. Then visit with an LSU Engineering professor who hopes to use floating foundations as the next building block to protect homes in hurricane-prone areas. Plus, meet two West Baton Rouge Parish families who've donated historic homes to the West Baton Rouge Parish Museum.

SWI 3041 June 15, 2007

We're at the capitol as the 2007 regular legislative session heads into its final weeks. We'll talk with two capitol observers about how well legislators are handling the big issues. Next, we'll visit the country's only honey bee breeding lab which is buzzing with activity. Finally, we take a trip down memory lane at the State Capitol as dozens of former senators gather for a reunion.

SWI 3042 June 22, 2007

The 2007 regular legislative session is winding down. Hear from some Republican lawmakers who are feeling the pressure on votes they've cast to support state spending. Visit Angola State Penitentiary where caskets for the family of Evangelist Billy Graham were made by inmates. And join in the festivities for Bloomsday, an event marked the world over where the writings of Irish author James Joyce are celebrated.

SWI 3043 June 29, 2007

The 2007 regular legislative session has ended. We talk about it's successes and failures with lawmakers in regional roundtables. See what your representataives have to say.

SWI 3044 July 6, 2007

The Best of "Louisiana: The State We're In" begins this week. Robyn Ekings talks with Shreveport's first African American mayor, Cedrick Glover. We remember legendary Grambling football coach Eddie Robinson who passed away this spring. Plus, we'll head to Lafayette to celebrate the 250th birthday of Marquis de Lafayette.

SWI 3045 July 13, 2007

We begin a special election year series examining the problems facing the state in economic development, transportation, education and healthcare. "Closing the Gap: Louisiana's Challenge" is a project being done in partnership with The Advocate newspaper in Baton Rouge and WBRZ-TV. Then, revisit some of your favorite stories including a great catch discovered by a couple of Lafayette inventors. Plus, visit the Bird Resource Center at LSU's Natural History Museum.

SWI 3046 July 20, 2007

We continue our series "Closing the Gap: Louisiana's Challenge" with a look at issues affecting Louisiana's economic development, along with some ideas about how voters can start changing things for the better beginning with this fall's elections. Then, we continue to bring you the best of our stories from the past year--we visit with best-selling author and former national news executive Walter Isaacson about his latest work, a biography of Albert Einstein. Plus, in our "What's in a Name?" series, we travel to the north Louisiana town of Start, home of country superstar Tim McGraw.

SWI 3047 July 27, 2007

We continue our election year series, "Closing the Gap: Louisiana's Challenge" with a look at the state of higher education in Louisiana. Then it's more of the "Best of Louisiana:The State We're In," encore airings of your favorite stories from the past year. First, we head to Washington Parish where this spring the FBI reopened an investigation into a brutal civil rights crime. We'll also shoot some hoops with some Louisiana grandmothers gunning for their fifth gold medal in the Senior Olympics.

SWI 3048 August 3, 2007

We continue our special election year series "Closing the Gap: Louisiana"s Challenge" with a report on the trials and troubles facing the state's public education system. Then, it's more of your favorite State We're In stories from the past year as we continue "The Best of Louisiana: The State We're In." First, we take a look at what historically has made Louisiana a power player in Washington D.C. politics. Then we head to Turkey Creek this week as we revisit of our "What's in a Name?" series.

SWI 3049 August 10, 2007

We continue our six-part series "Closing the Gap-Louisiana's Challenges." This week we focus on the state's broken transportation system. Then it's more of the "Best of Louisiana: The State We're In," encore airings of your favorite stories from the past year. Meet the top two croquet players in Louisiana on their field of dreams in West Baton Rouge Parish. Hear about a national oral history project called "Story Corps" that captured voices from Acadiana.

SWI 3050 August 17, 2007

We head to New Orleans where a House Congressional delegation tours Hurricane Katrina recovery progress. Then, we conclude our special election-year series, "Closing the Gap: Louisiana's Challenege" with a look at the issues and challenges facing the state's healthcare system. We'll visit with a young Louisiana entrepreneur who has taken a simple recipe for fast food and is giving the major fast food chains a run for their money. Plus, we take you to the Governor's Mansion in Baton Rouge for a celebration of a couple of the state's emerging musical artists.

SWI 3051 August 24, 2007

A rap artist tells us about his search for his birth mother. We visit with some War veterans who received honorary high school degrees in Baton Rouge this week. We wrap up our "Best of State We're In" with a look at the growing libertarian party in Louisiana. We also look back at a reunion of state senators held earlier this year at the state capitol. Plus, hear about the popularity of the Louisiana iris. From its origins in the swamps, Louisiana's native wildflower is being welcomed in gardens across the country.

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