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March 20, 2015
Health Care Issues and Budgets, Stephen Spires - Louisiana Budget Project, Women's History Month -- Irma Thomas

Health Care Issues and Budgets (4:34) With less than one month before the legislative session begins, only time will tell how deeply and drastically state funding for healthcare will ultimately be cut. Shauna Sanford takes a look at what state lawmakers will have to tackle. SHARE

Louisiana Budget Project (8:49) Don Gregory and Senior Policy Analyst Steve Spires discusses the latest situation regarding Louisiana’s healthcare. His research for the Louisiana Budget Project focuses on healthcare, anti-poverty initiatives, fiscal policy, and tax exemptions. SHARE

Women’s History Month – Irma Thomas (17:23) As a teenager, Irma Thomas was fired as a waitress for singing on the job. Decades later she would be better known as “The Soul Queen of New Orleans.” As part of Women’s History Month, LPB showcases this Louisiana native and Grammy Award winning artist. SHARE


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