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LSWI3353 - September 10, 2010

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Quad Vets Program
8:02 / 25802

Louisiana has one of the highest enlistment rates in the country. Sadly, it also has one of the highest per capita rates of homeless veterans. A Tangipahoa parish non-profit organization called “Quad Vets” that is helping homeless vets in our state.

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Madonna Chapel
6:47 / 21968

As part of his series called “Places of Worship,” Charlie Whinham takes us to one of the smallest churches in the world, the Madonna Chapel in Bayou Goula.

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Debbie Allen
5:21 / 17300

Award-winning actress, dancer, and choreographer Debbie Allen is collaborated with the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge to stage, “Just Dance” at the Shaw Center. Get a behind-the-scenes look at this incredible event.

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Philippe Cousteau Visit
2:36 / 8435

Philippe Cousteau, grandson of famed ocean explorer and enviromentalist Jacques Cousteau, spoke to students at two Baton Rouge schools on Thursday. His message is clear: Young people must get involved to save the environment.

LSWI3352 -  September 3, 2010

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Human Trafficking
7:00 / 22713

It’s estimated that millions of women and children all over the world are entrapped in modern day slavery. There are points of origin, transfer and destination -- some of them right here in Louisiana. Shauna Sanford introduces us to Sister Eugenia Bonetti who is fighting to end it.

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Weight Management
9:07 / 29078

Louisiana has one of the highest obesity levels in the nation. Researchers, along with a man who has lost 264 pounds, shed some light on how to maintain a healthy weight.

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Young Hero Ryan Harter
4:55 / 15983

Meet Shreveport’s Ryan Harter. This Louisiana Young Hero is a shining example of personal perseverance, patience and will.

LSWI3351 -  August 27, 2010

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Oil Spill Headlines
2:30 / 8146

Oil Spill Headlines - 8/27/2010

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St. Bernard Project
8:54 / 28677

The St. Bernard Project (SBP), a non-profit organization founded in 2006, was started by two natives of Washington D.C. They came to volunteer and were so taken by the people they quit their jobs and returned to help rebuild. Shauna Sanford talks to the co-founder and director, as well as some of the volunteers and the families who are so grateful to the SBP.

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Garica 5 Years Post-Katrina
4:48 / 15579

Commercial Fisherman Peter Garica and his family are just glad to be alive after Hurricane Katrina. They were literally swept away from their home in Bayou Sauvage by Hurricane Katrina’s floodwaters. Despite their harrowing experience, Peter kept his sense of humor and immediately set about rebuilding.

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Cameron 5 Years Post-Rita
9:00 / 29223

The hurricanes did an estimated 11-million dollars in damage to Cameron and the adjoining parishes. It has been a slow comeback for the people of Cameron Parish as most of the parish was literally wiped off the map by Hurricane Rita. Charlie Whinham visits to see what progress has been made post-Rita.

LSWI3350 - August 20, 2010

Oil Spill Headlines - August 20, 2010
5:53 / 17883

We have the latest on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill including a pair of hearings regarding the deep water moratorium and the ongoing claims process.

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Herman Leonard
7:08 / 22540

We pay tribute to iconic photographer Herman Leonard who passed away at the age of 87. Leonard is famous for his smoky, back-lit black and white photos of jazz greats.

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Boxing Reunion
8:12 / 26299

Lake Charles recently hosted a unique reunion of high school boxers.

LSWI3349 - August 13, 2010

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Oil Spill Headlines - August 13, 2010
2:04 / 6497

Oil Spill Headlines for August 13, 2010

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Bird Rescue
5:50 / 18893

Fortunately no more oil is spewing into the Gulf of Mexico but oiled birds are being rescued every day. The Hammond Wildlife Rehabilitation Center has cleaned more than 1400 birds and more are coming in. Tours are rarely given of this wildlife hospital, but this week Shauna Sanford takes us inside.

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Young Heroes Sean Nathan and Kenneth D'Avis
9:14 / 29916

This week we’ll introduce you to two young people who recently received the LPB Young Heroes Award. You’ll meet Sean Nathan and Kenneth D’Avis who are always willing to step in and help whether they know you or not. It’s easy to see why these two young me are so inspirational to their families and communities.

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Hidden Treasures
5:22 / 17391

The secret is out as hidden treasures are unveiled in a fascinating exhibit. Some worth fortunes and others we’re fortunate exist at all. WWL’s Bill Capo takes us on a tour.

LSWI3348 -  August 6, 2010

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Oil Spill Headlines
1:36 / 5206

Oil Spill Headlines - 8/6/2010

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Where's The Oil?
6:57 / 22550

Scientists report that the vast majority of the oil from the BP oil leak in the Gulf is gone. Shauna Sanford speaks with Dr. Gregory Stone who heads the LSU Coastal Studies Institute. Dr. Stone says there are clear indicators that reveal what has happened to the oil.

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La Fondation Louisiane Scholars
6:14 / 19558

Each year La Fondation Louisiane sends some of Louisiana’s brightest and best high school students and college graduates to French speaking countries to help teach English or to further their studies. Meet this year’s La Fondation Louisiane scholars.

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Young Hero Katie Tuminello
4:22 / 14176

Meet 2010 Louisiana Young Hero Katie Tuminello of Brusly. Her story is certain to uplift and inspire you.

LSWI3347 - July 30, 2010

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Oil Spill Update
3:21 / 10882

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill saga moves from the bayou to Boise, Idaho, of all places. Scores of attorneys representing BP and plaintiffs are in Boise for a public federal hearing to determine a location to consolidate the growing lawsuits for damages following the spill. We will have the latest from Louisiana attorneys who are involved in the multidistrict litigation panel.

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Dr. Gregory Stone Interview
4:24 / 14248

Our guest is Dr. Gregory Stone, an LSU professor Dr. Gregory Stone director of the Coastal Studies Institute will help answer the latest looming question “Where did oil go?”

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Louisiana Film Industry
6:41 / 21683

Since the early 1800s Louisiana has been a hot spot for movie making. From Tarzan to A Streetcar Named Desire to the next Twilight movie, Louisiana is a proven mecca for movie makers. To date there have been more than 600 films produced here and this week, Shauna Sanford takes us on a tour of a new exhibit by the Louisiana Film Museum that celebrates more than a century of film making in our great state.

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Grambling Legends
7:10 / 22941

Grambling State University honored 15 inductees to the Legends Sports Hall of Fame recently. Class of 2010 honorees include Super Bowl XXII MVP Doug Williams and older brother and baseball standout Robert Williams, former Grambling women’s basketball coach Patricia Cage-Bibbs, three-time NFL Pro Bowl selection Roosevelt Taylor and long-time athletic trainer Eugene “Doc” Harvey.

LSWI3346 -  July 23, 2010

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Oil Spill Headlines
2:54 / 9450

Oil Spill Headlines - 7/23/2010

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Moratorium Rally
8:05 / 26223

Thousands of protestors jammed The Cajundome in Lafayette on Thursday concerning the federal government’s six-month moratorium on deep water drilling. They are concerned the moratorium will create a second man-made disaster, the loss of thousands of jobs in the state.

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Louisiana Agriculture
8:09 / 26446

We preview this month’s Louisiana Public Square that focuses on the state’s diverse agriculture industry. There are 175 different commodities that are part of the Louisiana agriculture economy. Yet this often overlooked asset is facing challenges from the recession and a declining number of producers.

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Young Hero Hien Nguyen
4:49 / 15645

LPB is proud to share the stories of young people from around the state who are doing great things in their schools and communities. This week’s Young Hero is Hien Nguyen of Belle Chasse who is a shining example of perseverance, determination and inner-strength.

LSWI3345 - July 16, 2010

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Oil Spill Headlines
1:51 / 5928

July 16, 2010

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Ed Overton Interview
6:37 / 21461

LSU environmental scientist Dr. Ed Overton joins us to discuss the latest developments on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. This weekend marks three months since the oil well disaster began.

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High School Boxing Reunion
8:26 / 27047

Charlie Whinham goes toe to toe with a group of former high school boxers at a recent reunion in Lake Charles. From the 1930s-1950s high school boxing was one of the most popular team sports in Louisiana.

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Vivian Alexander Exhibit
5:54 / 19128

And It’s time to crack into the art of the Faberge Egg. Louisiana businessman Todd Cutrer is lending items from his 177-piece collection of Vivian Alexander eggs for the exhibit that is currently on display at the Louisiana State Archives.

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French Legion of Honor Recipients
1:19 / 4260

French Legion of Honor Recipients

LSWI3344 - July 9, 2010

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Oil Spill Headlines
2:16 / 7350

Oil Spill Headlines

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Oil Spill Legal Issues - Keith Jones Interview
7:10 / 23235

Astonished to learn that the families of the eleven men killed in the Deepwater Horizon oil explosion are unable to be compensated for the loss of their husbands and fathers, one man is making it his mission to change that. Keith Jones, the father of Gordon Jones who was among the eleven, has been working day and night to amend the federal law that currently prohibits the families from moving forward. And he is making progress at warp speed. Shauna Sanford talks with Jones about his son and the fight he’s waging in Washington.

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Attorney Jane Thomas Interview
3:59 / 12807

Attorney Jane Thomas will join Shauna and Charlie in the studio to discuss the issue of grandparents raising grandchildren and how some families may be eligible for grant money.

Louisiana Legend Marjorie Morrison
5:11 / 16661

We will also profile one of our five honorees from this spring’s LPB Louisiana Legends Gala. This week, we highlight the contributions of philanthropist and supporter of the arts, Marjorie Morrison.

LSWI3343 -  July 2, 2010

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Oil Spill Headlines
2:53 / 9331

Oil Spill Headlines - 7/2/2010 - Vice President Joe Biden visited the Gulf Coast this week to check on the oil crisis. We have the latest on his visit, plus we hear from Governor Jindal and the head of the state’s scientific review panel.

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Kirby Goidel Interview
4:36 / 14914

LSU has released a study on how residents in Louisiana, Mississippi and Florida feel about the response to the crisis. Kirby Goidel discuss the details.

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Modern Day Slavery
6:59 / 22726

It’s estimated that millions of women and children all over the world are entrapped in modern day slavery. There are points of origin, transfer and destination -- some of them right here in Louisiana. Shauna Sanford will introduce us to Sister Eugenia Bonetti who is fighting to end it.

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Legends Burton and Michot
6:42 / 21756

Learn more about two of our 2010 Louisiana Legends: James Burton and Louis J. Michot.

LSWI3342 -  June 25, 2010

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Oil Spill Headlines
2:23 / 7785

Oil Spill Headlines - 6/25/2010

click for larger image

Moratorium Debate
7:44 / 24971

Charlie Whinham has the latest on the deep water drilling moratorium that was lifted this week. Lieutenant Governor Scott Angelle and economist Loren Scott traveled to Washington, D.C., last week to plead their case against the six-month moratorium.

click for larger image

Safe Seafood
7:39 / 24838

As millions of gallons of crude oil continue to contaminate the Gulf of Mexico, just how safe is it to eat seafood and will seafood cost more? Shauna Sanford talks with a local oyster producer and shrimp harvester.

click for larger image

Jeff Holeman on Hurricane Preparations
4:11 / 13600

We talk to Jeff Holeman with Entergy to discuss hurricane preparations.

click for larger image

Lafayette Family Tragedy
1:26 / 4575

A Lafayette family's trip to the World Cup took a tragic turn as twenty four year old Nicole Murphy was struck and killed by a car in South Africa on Monday. Murphy was in South Africa with her dad and three siblings. Her brother Brian is in critical condtition and sister Kellie sustained a concussion. The family believes a drunken driver hit them while they were in a designated walking area.

LSWI3341 -  June 18, 2010

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Oil Spill Headlines
3:44 / 12178

Oil Spill Headlines - 6/18/2010

Oil Spill Affects Birds
6:24 / 20794

LPB continues its coverage of the Crisis in the Gulf. Charlie Whinham traveled with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries on one search and rescue mission in Barataria Bay to save birds affected by the oil.

click for larger image

Legislative Wrap
6:00 / 19475

Shauna Sanford will recap the final full week at the State Capitol. Lawmakers are dealing with the budget plus the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

click for larger image

Legends Roemer and Reed
8:13 / 26670

Learn more about two of our 2010 Louisiana Legends: Buddy Roemer and Willis Reed.

LSWI3340 -  June 11, 2010

click for larger image

Oil Spill Headlines
2:53 / 9375

Oil Spill Headlines - 6/11/2010

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Oil Spill Impacts Shrimpers
7:52 / 25535

Coverage on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill continues. The U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations held its first field hearing in Chalmette this week. Among the panelists was Captain Clarence Duplessis, a fisherman from Pointe A La Hache. Shauna Sanford was there when he testified.

click for larger image

Legislative Wrap
5:48 / 18833

How are lawmakers handling the state’s billion dollar budget shortfall? And what is their reaction to the resignation of Commissioner of Higher Education Sally Clausen? Charlie Whinham has a recap of this week at the Legislature.

click for larger image

Innovative Teacher
3:47 / 12303

Louisiana science teacher Louisa Hodges is one of ten national winners of the PBS Innovative Teacher Challenge. Meet this teacher from Bethany Christian School.

click for larger image

Artist Leopold Frilot
4:23 / 14189

Get to know woodworking artist Leopold Frilot. Leopold is one of over 150 Louisiana artists participating in the LPB Art and Travel Auction that ends this Sunday.

LSWI3339 - June 4, 2010

click for larger image

Oil Spill Legal Battles
7:07 / 23082

LPB’s coverage of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill continues. Charlie Whinham reports on some of the activities going on behind the scenes, namely what attorneys on both sides have already been doing. One of the big battles brewing concerns what federal district court will hear the future class action lawsuit. BP has filed a motion to have it heard in a Houston federal courtroom. One Opelousas attorney says that would be a travesty of justice.

click for larger image

Legislative Wrap
7:19 / 23775

Shauna Sanford will recap the highlights at the state capitol this week. Hear why there are mumblings of a possible special session.

click for larger image

Lt. Gen. Russell Honoré Interview
6:03 / 19623

And Lt. General Russell Honoré will be in studio to talk about the oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico and how we can get prepared for this hurricane season which has already started.

click for larger image

Oil Spill Headlines
1:40 / 5434

Oil Spill Headlines for June 4, 2010

click for larger image

Ron Zappe, In Memoriam
2:03 / 6700

In Memoriam

LSWI3338 - May 28, 2010

Oil Spill Update
6:57 / 22559

The crisis in the Gulf of Mexico has now been declared the worst oil spill in the nation’s history. Shauna Sanford traveled to Cat Island that serves as the nesting ground for thousands of Brown Pelicans. Just recently, the pelicans were taken off of the endangered species list but as the oil invades their nesting haven many fear their success story could suffer a devastating setback.

Oil Berms Debate
7:05 / 22832

For roughly two weeks, state and local officials have pleaded with the Army Corps of Engineers to issue emergency permits to dredge sand islands in order to stop the tide of oil reaching Louisiana’s shore. But as Charlie Whinham tells us, many coastal scientists are speaking up in opposition of the plan.

Dr. Ed Overton Interview
3:52 / 12570

LSU environmental scientist Dr. Ed Overton will be in our studio to discuss the latest developments of the oil spill.

LSWI3338 Legislative Wrap
4:18 / 13958

Legislative Wrap-up for the Week of May 24, 2010 - May 28, 2010

Oil Spill Headlines - May 28, 2010
3:00 / 9744

Oil Spill Headlines for May 28, 2010

LSWI3337 -  May 21, 2010

Oil Spill Headlines
2:43 / 8813

Oil Spill Headlines - 5/21/2010

Vietnamese Community
8:02 / 25519

Charlie Whinham heads to the Louisiana gulf coast and finds Vietnamese commercial fishermen who are dealing with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. A Rapid Response Team aims to help these fishermen and their families.

Legislative Wrap
7:29 / 24309

Shauna Sanford will have highlights from some of the biggest stories at the State Capitol this week, including one senator’s attempt to put the brakes on that $15 drivers license fee increase.

Just Dance
6:33 / 21219

Award-winning actress, dancer, and choreographer Debbie Allen is collaborating with the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge to stage, “Just Dance” this weekend at the Shaw Center. Get a behind-the-scenes look at this incredible event.

LSWI3336 - May 14, 2010

click for larger image

Oil Spill 5-14-2010
7:31 / 24243

As the oil spill grows in the Gulf so does the fear and tension for commercial fisherman, local and state officials trying to get a handle on the crisis. Shauna Sanford returns from the Louisiana coastline with an update.

click for larger image

Legislative Wrap 5-14-2010
7:37 / 24703

Charlie Whinham has a recap of the legislative session at the capitol that included debate over tougher drunk driving laws for school bus drivers, stipends for nationally board certified teachers and the phasing out of the Louisiana Recovery Authority.

Artist Hunt Slonem
7:37 / 24655

Producer Donna LaFleur visits artist Hunt Slonem at his getaway plantation home in Jeanerette, and we take a peek at Slonem's latest show, titled "On The Bayou," that opens at the Hilliard Museum in Lafayette this weekend.

LSWI3335 -  May 7, 2010

click for larger image

Oil Spill
9:05 / 29003

Anxiety builds as the Gulf of Mexico oil spill grows. Charlie Whinham recaps the week along the Louisiana coastline that included a visit from President Barack Obama.

Legislative Wrap
7:21 / 23860

The crisis in the Gulf of Mexico definitely impacted business at the state capitol this week. Shauna Sanford has a look back at how and what issues sparked big debates between lawmakers.

Dr. Ed Overton
4:31 / 14685

LSU environmental scientist Dr. Ed Overton is in studio to discuss the latest developments on the oil spill.

LSWI3334 - April 30, 2010

click for larger image

Oil Spill Update
7:03 / 17303

We have an update of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico that is threatening the Louisiana shoreline.

click for larger image

Overton and Viles Interview
6:47 / 21656

LSU environmental sciences professor Ed Overton along with Aaron Viles of the Gulf Restoration Network will be in-studio to discuss the implications of the spill.

click for larger image

Legislative Wrap Up
8:15 / 26742

Charlie Whinham recaps the week from the legislative session.

LSWI3333 -  April 23, 2010

Political Partisanship
7:21 / 23847

Gridlock. Party politics. Lack of bipartisanship. If the system is broken in Washington, what’s the collateral damage to Louisiana? We’ll preview this month’s Louisiana Public Square.

click for larger image

Dutch Dialogues
6:54 / 21784

Four-and-a-half years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans continues to recover and to plan for the future. Now they are seeking advice from the Dutch. Christina Melton tells us more.

click for larger image

Legislative Session Wrap
6:56 / 22482

Take a look at what state lawmakers accomplished during the legislative session this week.

LSWI3332 - April 16, 2010

click for larger image

Legislative Wrap
5:15 / 17025

Lawmakers and the Governor are grappling with the budget as the state’s chief economist reported Louisiana must cut another 319 million dollars for the current budget that ends in ten weeks. Charlie Whinham will recap the week at the Capitol.

click for larger image

Birds in Louisiana
7:19 / 23726

The next two weeks will be peak bird migration time in Louisiana. Producer Donna LaFleur tell us about the birdwatchers paradises throughout the state.

click for larger image

Gary Young Angola Rodeo
5:05 / 15410

Gary Young with the Angola State Prison will be in studio to tell us about the annual Spring Rodeo that runs the weekend of April 17th.

LSWI3331 - April 9, 2010

click for larger image

Legislative Wrap
7:33 / 24468

It’s the second full week of the regular legislative session at the capitol. Shauna Sanford recaps the week.

Lake Charles Fire
8:57 / 29037

A century ago this month, Lake Charles joined the ranks of cities like Chicago , San Francisco and Atlanta in that it was nearly wiped off the map by a “Great Fire.” The catastrophe will be marked throughout the month with special events and exhibits. Charlie Whinham talks with some area residents and historians about the great blaze.

click for larger image

Sculptor John Geldersma
6:36 / 19352

Producer Donna LaFleur profiles accomplished Louisiana sculptor John Geldersma. His work was the subject of a recent exhibit at the Acadiana Center for the Arts.

LSWI3330 -  April 2. 2010

click for larger image

Legislative Session Week 1
7:37 / 24452

How will Louisiana handle a potential $1.7 billion shortfall for the upcoming fiscal year? Lawmakers are tackling a variety of issues this session.

click for larger image

Right to Work
8:34 / 27591

Nearly 34 years ago, Louisiana became a Right to Work state. But it was not without a hard fought battle. Shauna Sanford talks to some of the people who were on the front lines of that fight.

click for larger image

Tax Tips
4:20 / 14123

Dee Harris with the IRS will join us in-studio to help with some income tax tips as we near the April 15 deadline.

LSWI3329 -  March 26. 2010

click for larger image

Quad Vets
8:15 / 26472

The Veterans Administration estimates there are nearly 10,000 homeless veterans in Louisiana. Quad Vets, a program in Tangipahoa Parish, is expanding their facilities to address this problem. The organization received a federal grant to expand, but unexpected cost overruns are posing a serious concern for the non-profit agency.

click for larger image

Dr. Patrick Breaux Interview
5:23 / 17622

What will the Health Care Reform bill mean for Louisiana? Dr. Patrick Breaux, President of the Louisiana State Medical Society will join us on-set to talk about it.

click for larger image

The Basement Bone Lady
7:37 / 24741

How long have people been living in Louisiana? Where can you find artifacts from sunken ships and Indian burial mounds? WWL reporter Bill Capo introduces us to Sherry Wagener, the “Basement Bone Lady” who is in charge of the storehouse for state treasures.

LSWI3328 -  March 19. 2010

click for larger image

Higher Ed Challenges and Opportunities
8:46 / 28459

How will proposals to alter governance and funding impact the role of colleges in the state? Watch “Higher Ed Challenges and Opportunities” on Louisiana Public Square, airing Wednesday, March, 24 at 7 PM on LPB.

click for larger image

LSWI3328 - Rural Life Museum
7:20 / 23799

Donna LaFleur shows us the latest addition at LSU’s Rural Life Museum in Baton Rouge.

click for larger image

LSWI3328 - Second Annual Unity Day
5:29 / 16654

The second annual Unity Day, sponsored by the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, is this weekend. John Daniel will tell us about how the program promotes family, fun, and fitness among school children.

LSWI3327 - March 12, 2010

click for larger image

Robotics Competition
5:07 / 16581

High School students from eight states converged in the Alario Center in Westwego to compete in a national robotics competition. But as the students point out this is about more than just building robots. We’ll meet some of the teams and find out how their hard work can help land them a job at NASA.

click for larger image

Touro Synagogue
7:55 / 25422

Charlie Whinham continues his series “Places of Worship” with a tour of the Touro Synagogue in New Orleans. Founded in 1828, two congregations merged and honored the memory of New Orleans philanthropist Judah Touro. While still upholding Jewish customs, it also has a vibrant foothold on Louisiana traditions.

click for larger image

Dulcimer Festival
8:00 / 25725

Finally, the sounds of the Lagniappe Dulcimer Society fills the studio. This weekend marks the 9th Annual Lagniappe Dulcimer Festival in Port Allen. Hundreds of players and listeners from across the South gather every year to listen and learn more about this truly American folk instrument.

LSWI3326 -  March 5. 2010

click for larger image

Charles Boustany
6:23 / 20746

The only member of Louisiana’s Congressional delegation invited to participate in the White House Health Care Summit says Congress needs to start over. Shauna Sanford talks with Congressman Charles Boustany.

click for larger image

Summer Grove Baptist Church
8:45 / 28367

Charlie Whinham travels to north Louisiana as part of his continuing series called “Places of Worship. A large, declining mall in Shreveport has undergone a religious conversion. Leaders and members of Summer Grove Baptist transformed a former JC Penny’s retail anchor store into a 2500-seat sanctuary.

click for larger image

Forever LSU
6:10 / 19432

As part of the 150th anniversary of the founding of Louisiana State University, LPB and LSU have joined forces to create a documentary on the history of LSU.

click for larger image

Pilots for Patients
0:47 / 2318

Monroe-based volunteer organization reached a milestone this week.

LSWI3325 -  February 26. 2010

click for larger image

7:12 / 23349

Police say criminals broke in to more than 11-thousand Louisiana homes last year. Dorothy Kendrick gives us the latest statistics and talks to one family who has suffered through the experience.

click for larger image

P-T 305
6:27 / 20909

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, P-T boats assumed a more prominent role in WWII. Meet a soldier who was aboard the P-T 305 the day it was attacked and sank an enemy ship.

click for larger image

Prison Reentry Interview
4:51 / 15773

As inmates released from state and local prisons re-enter society, are they equipped to cope with their new found freedom? A symposium to better help the public understand why this is an issue that impacts all of us is coming up. angolamuseum.org

click for larger image

Rudy Award
1:19 / 4321

Calob Leindecker from Parkview Baptist School wins “Rudy” Award.

LSWI3324 -  February 19. 2010

click for larger image

Race to Reform
7:48 / 25312

The federal government is offering billions of dollars to encourage public education reform through a competitive grant program called “Race to the Top.” Louisiana is asking for $314-million and is considered a strong contender.

click for larger image

City Hall Fellows
3:10 / 9844

As Baby Boomers retire and leave public service, there’s a scarcity of people who are willing to work in city government. Baton Rouge is launching a new initiative called “City Hall Fellows” designed to help top college students consider a career in public service.

click for larger image

Eddie Robinson Honored
9:06 / 29256

Legendary Grambling football coach Eddie Robinson would have turned 91 this past weekend. Family, friends and former players gathered in north Louisiana to help dedicate the opening of the Eddie G. Robinson Museum on Grambling’s campus. The event is part of a new LPB documentary called about the coach that will air February 26th at 10:00 PM.

LSWI3323 - February 12, 2010

click for larger image

Haiti Mission
6:46 / 21953

After having been torn apart by the worst earthquake in more than 200 years, the people of Haiti are still in survival mode. This week, Shauna Sanford speaks with Sister Martha Ann Abshire who has just returned from her latest trip to the country. She is making it her mission not to let the people of Haiti be forgotten.

click for larger image

Mardi Gras Indians
6:31 / 21131

Carnival season is here and it would not be complete without the Mardi Gras Indians. They have been part of carnival for more than 150 years. But just how did this rich cultural tradition begin? We’ll hear from Darryl Montana whose family has been masking for generations.

click for larger image

French Dictionary
8:36 / 27540

“Parlez-vous Français?” Producer Donna LaFleur talks with the creators of a new Louisiana-French dictionary.

click for larger image

Saints Victory Parade
0:55 / 3005

The New Orleans Saints victory parade entitled “Parade of Champions” rolled through the streets of New Orleans on Tuesday, February 9, 2010 to celebrate the Champions of Superbowl XLIV!

LSWI3322 - February 5, 2010

click for larger image

Who 'dat Song
5:52 / 18997

Who ‘dat songs are more popular than ever as Saints Super bowl fever spreads across Louisiana. They are truly Louisiana’s team and fans are celebrating from one end of the state to the other. This week, Shauna Sanford introduces us to one super fan in Alexandria who has created a song he hopes is on its way to becoming the Who Dat Nation anthem!

click for larger image

Jim Henderson Interview
6:16 / 20339

“Pigs have flown. Hell has frozen over. The Saints are going to the Super Bowl.” The voice of the New Orleans Saints Jim Henderson said those words after the New Orleans Saints won the NFC Championship. Before he left for Miami, Jim talks about the unbelievable roller coaster ride leading to Super Bowl XLIV.

click for larger image

Grace Episcopal
8:00 / 25963

Charlie Whinham travels to Grace Episcopal Church in St. Francisville as he continues his series “Places of Worship.” The 150 year old church has stood witness to much history, including the time the Civil War stopped for one day.

LSWI3321 -  January 29. 2010

click for larger image

LSU Budget Cuts
7:04 / 22737

As the state continues to grapple with the budget crisis, higher education is taking a major hit. But LSU’s faculty is fighting back. Shauna Sanford talks with some of the most vocal critics.

click for larger image

Madonna Chapel
6:39 / 21600

As part of his continuing series called “Places of Worship,” Charlie Whinham takes us to one of the smallest churches in the world, the Madonna Chapel in Bayou Goula.

click for larger image

Saints Player Devery Henderson
6:31 / 21160

The New Orleans Saints are going to the Super Bowl and there are several Louisiana players on the roster including wide receiver Devery Henderson. Dorothy Kendrick caught up with some very proud family members this week in Opelousas.

LSWI3320 - January 22, 2010

click for larger image

Commission on Streamlining
8:06 / 26246

As Louisiana confronts the worst budget crisis in more than two decades, what role will the Streamlining Commission play in guiding the state through the next two years? The Commission on Streamlining Government was tasked with helping the state prepare for the projected three billion dollar budget shortfall it faces over the next two years. The ten member panel released its final report of 238 recommendations this month.

click for larger image

The Harlem Ambassadors
7:02 / 22799

They are men and women dedicated to helping kids stay in school and drug free. The Harlem Ambassadors travel the world using their high energy, family fun shows to spread positive messages to audiences of all ages, from kids to kids-at-heart. This month they are visiting schools across Louisiana. Shauna Sanford will introduce you to some of the players and take you to one of their exciting performances.

click for larger image

The 100 Day Challenge
4:35 / 14881

Youths in Iowa have challenged Louisiana’s teens to take steps to improve their health. The Governor’s Council on Physical fitness and the Legislative Youth Advisory Council held a pep rally this week to kick off what’s being labeled “The 100 day challenge.” Kids in both states will be competing for the next 100 days to see who can get the most exercise and eat the most vegetables. Great prizes are awaiting the most successful kids in Louisiana. Visit http://www.lpb.org/fitness for more.

click for larger image

Louisiana Translators
2:34 / 8311

As the need for doctors, food and medicines grow, there is also a need in Haiti for translators. Haiti needs help from creole translators, and that help, in part, is coming from Louisiana.

LSWI3319 - January 15, 2010

click for larger image

Landrieu Interview
6:13 / 20153

Senator Mary Landrieu joins Shauna Sanford to discuss the latest on the health care reform bill and legislation concerning coastal restoration.

click for larger image

OLOL Support in Haiti
3:32 / 10304

There is a strong connection between Louisiana and Haiti as thousands have made their home in the New Orleans area. They have been trying to reach out to loved ones and are working on ways to help those who lost everything in the earthquake. The head of mission work at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital who was recently in Haiti will be our special in–studio guest this week.

click for larger image

St. Joseph Co-Cathedral
10:09 / 32890

In part one of his five-part series, "Places of Worship," Charlie Whinham explores the ornate wonders of St. Joseph's Co-Cathedral. This Thibodaux church, built in the 1920’s, is one of Louisiana's most expensive rural churches.

LSWI3318 -  January 8. 2010

click for larger image

Keeping Warm
7:01 / 22750

Entergy has tips on how to reduce your heating bills and there is a federal program available to low income families, statewide, to help weatherize their homes.

click for larger image

Managing Weight
9:26 / 29976

Weight management advice from an expert at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center plus meet an actual success story, Chad Soileau.

click for larger image

SEALA Interview
5:17 / 17106

Cathy Fontenot, Executive Director of SEALA (State Employees Association of Louisiana) dicusses state workers' rights.

LSWI3317 - January 1, 2010

click for larger image

25:30 / 82660

It is a special reporter’s roundtable edition. Three of the top journalists in Louisiana joins Charlie Whinham to discuss the top Louisiana stories of 2009. Guest panelists include Caroline Moses, Capital Correspondent for WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge, freelance journalist Jeremy Alford and Managing Editor of the Daily Advertiser Lisa Faust.

LSWI3316 -  December 25. 2009

click for larger image

We Were Merchants
9:32 / 30904

Goudchaux’s Maison Blanche department store chain lives on thanks to a book written by Hans Sternberg called “We Were Merchants.”

click for larger image

East Baton Rouge Children’s Choir
8:38 / 28697

The East Baton Rouge Children’s Choir not only perform locally, but have also sung for a U.S. President and at Carnegie Hall.

click for larger image

The Nutcracker
6:26 / 28024

Find out about the traditional performance of The Nutcracker that has a creative and authentic Louisiana twist.

LSWI3315 - December 18, 2009

click for larger image

Jazzmen Rice
7:09 / 23200

LSU’s AgCenter has developed a domestic jasmine rice that will be on store shelves by Christmas. We will see the first year’s harvest being milled in Crowley. Producer Donna LaFleur introduces us to the three New Orleans entrepreneurs that are bringing “Jazzmen Rice” to market.

Racing Airplane
6:42 / 21460

Some dedicated aviators are flying high over a recently built replica of one of the fastest planes in the 1930’s. Named the Number 45, it was built in Louisiana by the Wedell-Williams Aviation Corporation in Patterson. Charlie Whinham explains the Number 45 was part of a short-lived aviation dynasty created by Jimmy Wedell and Harry Williams. Charlie takes us to the Louisiana State Museum in Patterson that is dedicated to the Golden Age of Aviation.

click for larger image

Burl Cain Interview
5:45 / 18644

Warden Burl Cain was the only member of the Civil Service Commission to abstain from voting on the controversial plan to change the way state employees are given a pay raise. Why was he against it and why hasn’t the governor signed off on the plan? Warden Cain talks publicly for the first time about what happened since the commission voted.

click for larger image

Louisiana State Museum - Aviation EXTRA
6:46 / 21939

Learn more about Louisiana’s Golden Age of Aviation at the Louisiana State Museum in Patterson.

LSWI3314 - December 11, 2009

click for larger image

Leo Honeycutt Interview
5:27 / 16293

The official biography of imprisoned former Governor Edwin Edwards’will be released December 14th. The author, Leo Honeycutt spent five years interviewing Edwards and researching decades of archives. Honeycutt says the book covers everything from his entrance into politics to his entrance into prison. Edwards is scheduled to be released from prison in 2011.

click for larger image

EBR Chrildren's Choir
8:48 / 28542

The East Baton Rouge Parish Children’s Choir is preparing for the Winter Concert 2009. It’s made up of students from all walks of life and has won numerous awards in regional and national competitions.

click for larger image

Cajun Nutcracker
6:38 / 21460

The Baton Rouge Ballet Theater will present The Nutcracker: A Tale From the Bayou on December 19th and 20th. Almost 300 men, women and children from across the Baton Rouge community will dance their way through this traditional ballet. Allegra Nevils Yancey and Al Godoy will go behind the scenes to find out just what it takes to mount such a huge production.

click for larger image

San Miguel Obituary
0:52 / 2075

LPB wants to pass our condolences to the family and friends of Hector San Miguel, City Editor of the American Press Newspaper in Lake Charles. San Miguel died of complications from leukemia at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. He was 51 years old. San Miguel covered nearly every aspect of Southwest Louisiana news during 32 years at the Lake Charles newspaper. He was best known for his in-depth investigative pieces, many of which won state and regional awards. He was a four-time winner of the Gibbs Adams Award, presented by the Louisiana Press Association for investigative reporting. Miguel covered hurricane Rita from the ground, sleeping in his van and regularly posting stories online via a laptop fired by a car battery. San Miguel leaves behind his wife Teresa Schmidt, a news reporter at KPLC-TV and three sons.

LSWI3313 - December 4, 2009

click for larger image

Microenterprise Program
6:44 / 21823

The Louisiana Department of Economic Development hopes to infuse new jobs for some of Louisiana’s poorest residents. Shauna Sanford tells us about the Microenterprise Development Program that targets people with a business idea, that has at least one minor child in the household and falls within the federal poverty guidelines.

click for larger image

Angola Hospice
7:49 / 25295

Over a two year period, professional photographer Lori Waselchuk visited Angola State Prison to document volunteers who have discovered a compassionate mission. These inmates provide hospice care to their fellow prisoners who are dying behind bars. Producer Donna LaFleur spoke with some of the volunteers as they hope to provide grace before dying.

click for larger image

Clem Goldberger Interview
5:15 / 15510

Next Monday marks the 68th anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Clem Goldberger with the National World War Two Museum in New Orleans will join us on set. The museum recently debuted a $50 million addition that includes a state-of-the-art Solomon Victory Theatre. The centerpiece of the theatre is a 4-D film narrated and produced by Tom Hanks called “Beyond All Boundries.”

click for larger image

LPB Scholarship
0:57 / 3078

Lance Frank, A junior at LSU, is this year's star student. The scholarship is awarded to outstanding students in the Manship school of Mass Communications and Lance certainly fits into that category. While working on his journalism degree, Lance has had internships with local news stations as well as the CBS network, been a reporter for the Lake Charles American Press and currently manages Tiger Television at LSU.

LSWI3312 -  November 27. 2009

DeQuincy RR Museum
9:01 / 32309

As part of his Louisiana Railways series, Charlie Whinham discovers a jewel in southwest Louisiana -- the 86-year-old Mission Revival Train Depot in DeQunicy.

Summer of Birds Preview
3:55 / 18415

See a preview of the new LPB HD Production “A Summer of Birds.” It is based on the acclaimed book by Baton Rouge Advocate columnist Danny Heitman and chronicles the summer that John James Audubon spent his days at the Oakley Plantation in West Feliciana Parish.

click for larger image

Historic LSU Football Book
3:02 / 11454

We talk to Barry Cowan and Mark Martin, who teamed up to produce a book entitled “Historic Photos of LSU Football.”

LSWI3311 November 20. 2009

click for larger image

Technology in Louisiana
7:03 / 22818

Is Louisiana poised to become the technology capital of the south? Shauna Sanford takes a look at the technology trend statewide.

click for larger image

745 Steam Train
7:42 / 24989

In Louisiana Railways, Charlie Whinham takes us to a rail yard just outside of New Orleans that is home to a functioning 1921 steam locomotive called the SP 745.

click for larger image

Kisatchie National Forest
7:48 / 25316

Charlie Whinham will take us back to visit one of the state’s natural treasures, the Kisatchie National Forest. It was part of his series Louisiana National Treasures, Our National Sites.

LSWI3310 November 13, 2009

click for larger image

Streamlining Commission
6:18 / 20415

With looming budget problems facing the state in the coming years, a panel commissioned by the legislature has been hard at work looking for ways to cut nearly a billion dollars. The clock is ticking as the panel has just about one month before recommendations have to be made for a report that will go to lawmakers and the governor. Shauna Sanford takes a look at some of the issues and cuts the panel is considering.

click for larger image

Model Steam Trains
7:46 / 25186

As part of his continuing series called Louisiana Railways, Charlie Whinham heads to Jackson to discover the world of model steam engines. These trains have much in common with the real thing.

Louisiana Honor Air
7:59 / 25894

In observance of Veteran’s Day this week, meet a special group named Louisiana HonorAir. Originating in Acadiana, Louisiana HonorAir offers World War Two veterans a chance to see the WWII Memorial in Washington, DC, free of charge. For many WWII vets, it is their first time to view the memorial honoring their service and sacrifice.

LSWI3309 November 6, 2009

click for larger image

Governor Treen Memorial
6:54 / 22344

Former Governor Dave Treen was laid to rest this week. Family, friends, former governors and Gov. Bobby Jindal attended a memorial at the state capitol. Shauna Sanford has the story on the passing of Louisiana’s first republican governor since Reconstruction.

click for larger image

M4 Railcar
8:52 / 28760

Charlie Whinham heads to central Louisiana as he begins his series on Louisiana Railways. This week Charlie visits the Southern Forest Heritage Museum in Long Leaf. The 57-acre complex is the former mill town operated by Crowell Lumber Company that eventually shut down in 1969. It is also home to the newly restored M4 passenger rail car that served as a commuter rail car in the 1930s.

click for larger image

WWII Veteran John Iles Jr.
7:15 / 23518

Veterans Day is November 11th and LPB honors the men and women who served our country by remembering one WWII Navy veteran from Shreveport who served with a fellow PT Boat operator named Jack Kennedy.

LSWI3308 -  October 30. 2009

click for larger image

Governor Treen Remembered
4:26 / 14739

On Thursday, former Louisiana Governor Dave Treen passed away at the age of 81. LPB remembers Treen’s life, challenges and achievements, including his induction as an LPB Louisiana Legend in 2007.

click for larger image

We Were Merchants
9:33 / 30967

Explore the story of the Goudchaux’s/Maison Blanche Department Stores. Before WWII, the Sternberg Family left Nazi Germany and immigrated to Baton Rouge to eventually create the largest family-owned department store chain in the country. Charlie Whinham talks with Hans Sternberg.

click for larger image

Louisiana Seafood Promotion Board Interview
4:26 / 14739

Ewell Smith of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion Board discusses the continuing debate around raw oyster safety.

LSWI3307 October 23, 2009

click for larger image

Alligator Bayou Part 2
9:35 / 31093

Last week we aired the first of our series on the controversy over Alligator Bayou. This week, Shauna Sanford talks to some of the landowners who say they are in this fight for the long haul. A floodgate built in the 1950s is at the heart of this bitter battle. The landowners say they are willing to work with the owner of Alligator Bayou Tours but not at the expense of flooding their land in the Spanish Lake Basin.

click for larger image

Crime in Louisiana
7:50 / 25424

We will also take a look at crime in Louisiana. While the nation saw a four percent decline in overall crime from 2005 to 2007, the state’s crime rate rose 12 percent. What are residents and leaders doing to address this disturbing pattern?

click for larger image

Piano Competition
6:43 / 21793

Competitors from around the United States and 13 foreign countries descended on Alexandria last week for the Louisiana International Piano Competition which features some of the world's most promising young concert artists. Producer Donna LaFleur interviewed former Central Louisiana concert artist and educator Nikita Fitenko; who was the driving force behind the creation of the competition in 2005 and serves as Artistic Director.

LSWI3306 October 16, 2009

click for larger image

Obama Visits New Orleans
3:22 / 11229536

We recap Town Hall Meeting of President Barack Obama in New Orleans on Thursday, October 15, 2009.

click for larger image

Battle for Alligator Bayou
9:24 / 31227762

There is a battle between a swamp tour business company and land owners over the water levels on Spanish Lake located just outside of Baton Rouge. In the first of her two part series Shauna Sanford talks with the owners of the Alligator Bayou Swamp Tours

click for larger image

Luling Ferry Disaster Monument
2:36 / 8684383

This weekend marks the 33rd anniversary of the Luling Ferry Boat disaster. A memorial is scheduled to be dedicated this weekend in Luling.

click for larger image

Chemin A Haut State Park
5:14 / 17382086

Charlie Whinham will take us on a tour to beautiful Louisiana State Park as part of his series "Louisiana's Treasures: Our State Parks."

LSWI3305 October 9, 2009

click for larger image

DSS's Dr. Jimmy Guidry Interview
3:11 / 9484

Dr. Jimmy Guidry, the state health officer, will join us in-studio to talk about the roll out of the swine flu vaccine across Louisiana.

click for larger image

LSART Pet Rescue
5:10 / 16733

Hurricane Katrina taught Louisiana residents, officials and responders about the importance of rescue plans for family pets. Lafayette is now the home base to a new rescue and response truck dedicated for animals and is operated by the Louisiana State Animal Response Team.

click for larger image

National Fire Safety
5:00 / 16235

October is National Fire Prevention Month. State Fire Marshall Butch Browning shares important tips for you and your family on prevention and evacuation.

click for larger image

Artist Jerry Wray
7:04 / 21580

Producer Donna LaFleur profiles Shreveport artist Jerry Wray, whose pioneering work in abstract painting has helped to bring an appreciation of modern art to north Louisiana. A graduate of Newcomb College, her more than 60 years of work are compiled in a recently published retrospective book.

click for larger image

ULL Solar House
1:20 / 4331

UL-Lafayette students and faculty are in Washington, DC for the 2009 Solar Decathlon.

LSWI3304 October 2, 2009

click for larger image

Artist Rhea Gary
6:36 / 21422

Shauna Sanford profiles nature artist and activist Rhea Gary. For more than two decades, Gary has used her canvas to create and to educate the public about the beauty and necessity of the wetlands.

click for larger image

Artist Vergie Banks
5:32 / 17920

Producer Donna LaFleur visits with Creole artist Vergie Banks. Best identified for her paintings of a girl riding a little red tricycle, there’s more to her work than this one recurring icon.

ArtBreak 2009
6:49 / 22122

And we will revisit one of the state’s largest art festival for children. Each spring Shreveport hosts ArtBreak and event organizers marked its 25th anniversary this April. Charlie Whinham takes us to this northern Louisiana showcase.

LSWI3302 -  September 18. 2009

Health Care Reform
7:57 / 25475

Louisiana Public Square takes an in-depth look at how Louisiana could be impacted by many of the proposed changes. Hear from the state’s congressional delegation and several people who voiced their opinions at many town hall meetings held around the state.

Kathy Richard with LCEF
2:17 / 7426

Interview with Kathy Richard of the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation to discuss health care assistance for Louisiana artists.

click for larger image

Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home
4:17 / 13942

Visit the Louisiana Methodist Children’s Home in Ruston, working since 1902 to help troubled kids turn their lives around.

Lil Daddy
8:39 / 27966

Meet Ruston native Reggie McLeroy . His cartoon strip “Lil Daddy” has been featured regularly in the Monroe News Star for 15 years. McLeroy’s accomplishments also includes designing the 2002 Louisiana Waterfowl Conservation Stamp and the official poster of the 2004 Ryder Cup.

LSWI3301 September 11, 2009

Lisa Picone Interview
4:50 / 15663

The Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation is a private organization dedicated to supporting the overall quality of life for the state’s cultural workers. That workforce includes artists of every kind. They offer grants to help the artists, businesses and nonprofit organizations develop new and innovative streams of income generating programs. The LCEF recently awarded its second round of grants and will offer a third round next year. It’s a very competitive process and Lisa Picone will join us with helpful information on what people should be doing now to prepare to apply for the grants.

click for larger image

Northeast Louisiana Economic Development
8:49 / 28577

Green cars, sweet potatoes and mechanical pumps. Charlie Whinham talks with regional leaders and businessmen on the economic development boost in northeast Louisiana. The City of Monroe prepares for two new projects. The V Vehicle Company and Gardner-Denver Manufacturing could combine for 1700 new jobs for Monroe. Over in Richland Parish, Con Agra Foods is building a state of the art sweet potato manufacturing plant in Delhi. It is scheduled to open in 2010 and could create up to 500 new jobs.

Congressman Bill Cassidy Interview
7:40 / 24851

Louisiana Congressman Bill Cassidy is challenging President Barak Obama and the democrats to come up with a health care reform plan that empowers patients, not bureaucrats. This week, as we continue hearing from members of the state’s congressional delegation on this controversial issue, Shauna Sanford talks with Congressman Cassidy about what he believes real reform should include.

Coach Eddie G. Robinson Museum Update
1:01 / 3339

We head up to Grambling for an update on the Eddie G. Robinson Museum that is under construction on the campus of Grambling State University. The museum is slated to open in the spring of 2010.

LSWI3252 September 04, 2009

click for larger image

Cane River Creole National Historic Park
6:40 / 21392

As part of our series on national historical parks, this week we will take you to the Cane River Creole National Historic Park. Located in just south east of Natchitoches, this park includes two Louisiana plantation sites that date back more than 200 years ago. These traditional icons of the south survived the Civil War and reached the peak of their production when cotton was king.

click for larger image

Louisiana Video Gamer Industry
8:53 / 28841

This month, a Baton Rouge Xbox video game company released the long awaited college football game to national retailers such as Wal-Mart and Best Buy. It’s the first video game made by a Louisiana company for the Xbox 360 video game system. Nerjyzed Entertainment has released the Doug Williams Edition of Black College Football Xperience. Nerjyzed is part of a growing video game industry statewide. Shauna Sanford takes a closer look.

click for larger image

Teaching Kids Chess
6:17 / 20399

We introduce you to one man's quest to teach children the game of chess in all 50 states. Park Ridge Elementary School in Baker brought in nationally acclaimed chess teacher Orrin C. Hudson to help out. And the lessons served up by Mr. Hudson just might be the answer to solving life's most challenging problems.

LSWI3251 August 28, 2009

click for larger image

Ted Kennedy Louisiana Connection
1:21 / 4394

The late Senator Ted Kennedy had strong ties with Louisiana. We look back at one visit in 2004.

click for larger image

Louisiana Hurricane Lessons Learned
8:01 / 26006

This weekend marks the 4th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, LPB teamed up with Mississippi Public Broadcasting to produce “Hurricane! Lessons Learned”.

Mel Ott
7:50 / 25420

Hall of Fame baseball player, Louisiana native Mel Ott would have turned 100 this spring and the citizens of Gretna unveiled a new city landmark in his honor.

click for larger image

Dr. Jimmy Guidry Interview
3:54 / 12664

Dr. Jimmy Guidry of the Department of Health and Hospitals updates us on the current status of the H1N1 virus and what you can do to protect yourself.

Landrieu Healthcare Town Hall
0:57 / 3116

Senator Mary Landrieu holds town hall on health care in Reserve.

LSWI3250 August 21, 2009

click for larger image

Shrimper Strike
3:12 / 10594

Hundreds of Louisiana shrimpers took to the steps of the State Capitol this week to call on the governor and lawmakers to help save their industry.

click for larger image

Louisiana Public Square Hurricanes
1:18 / 3795

Louisiana Public Square will take an in-depth look at how procedures, policies and planning for hurricanes have changed in both our state and Mississippi.

Hurricane Preparedness
4:49 / 15988

Entergy hosted a panel of weather experts to talk about getting prepared for this season.

Acadian Cultural Center
5:51 / 19369

Charlie Whinham visits the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, which showcases and protects some of Louisiana’s natural and cultural treasures.

click for larger image

First Time Homebuyers Tax Credit
6:38 / 21987

Real estate expert Elsenia Young will talk about the $8,000 tax credit for first time homebuyers.

LSWI3249 - August 14, 2009

Mary Landrieu
9:00 / 29189

Senator Mary Landrieu discusses how the arbitration panel for hurricane recovery money could bring much-needed relief to Louisiana.

Kisatchie National Park
8:23 / 27216

Travel to the Kisatchie National Forest that stretches across central and northern Louisiana as the “Louisiana’s Natural Treasures: Our National Sites" series continues.

click for larger image

Secretary of Revenue Cynthia Bridges
4:48 / 15565

Secretary of Revenue Cynthia Bridges discusses the details of the 2009 Tax Amnesty Program that runs September 1st through October 31st.

LSWI3248 - August 7, 2009

click for larger image

State Health Secretary Alan Levine
5:44 / 18599

Health Secretary Alan Levine talks health care challenges in Louisiana and whether what’s being done in Washington will bring about true healthcare reform.

click for larger image

Louisiana State Arboretum
6:21 / 20597

Charlie Whinham continues his series “Louisiana’s Natural Treasures: Our State Parks.” Charlie travels to the Louisiana State Arboretum near Ville Platte, created in part by the efforts of Caroline Dormon, considered Louisiana’s first woman forester.

click for larger image

Beau Soleil Solar Home
7:36 / 24682

UL-Lafayette Solar Decathlon Team is one of 20 teams chosen worldwide to compete in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon.

LSWI3247 - July 31, 2009

click for larger image

Congressman Charles Boustany
6:51 / 22235

Louisiana Republican Congressman Charles Boustany says the health care reform bill doesn’t go far enough.

click for larger image

Coach Tiny Tarbutton
6:47 / 21989

Edna “Tiny” Tarbutton, who set national records coaching girls basketball at Baskin High School, passed away Sunday.

click for larger image

Loren Scott Interview
6:28 / 20954

Economist Dr. Loren Scott will discuss Louisiana’s current economic situation and forecast.

July 24, 2009 - LSWI3246

click for larger image

Congressman Charlie Melancon
5:51 / 18997

Shauna Sanford talks with Congressman Melancon about why he says congress needs to slow down if they really want to reform health care the right way.

click for larger image

Social Services and Southern University Reps
6:31 / 21164

We were joined by guest for the Department of Social Services and Southern University to talk about a program designed to help first time homeowners.

click for larger image

Jean Lafitte National Park
9:00 / 28578

We explore two of Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve’s sites discovering their cultural and environmental treasures.

July 17, 2009 - LSWI3245

click for larger image

LSU System Cuts
6:36 / 21388

The entire LSU system is bracing for budget cuts that, although less severe than initially thought, will impact the various campuses in significant ways. Shauna Sanford talks with LSU Chancellor Michael Martin about the impending cuts and gets reaction from the faculty and staff.

click for larger image

Chemin-A-Haut State Park
6:13 / 19588

Charlie Whinham continues “Louisiana’s Natural Treasures: State Parks” series. Charlie visits Chemin-A-Haut State Park. The state park was created thanks in part to members of the Civilian Conservation Corps.

click for larger image

Rep. Pat Smith
5:58 / 19319

Baton Rouge Representative Pat Smith will be in the studio. Rep. Smith is accusing Governor Bobby Jindal of taking punitive actions towards legislators who were not on board with his agenda during this last legislative session.

July 10, 2009 - LSWI3244

click for larger image

Kleinpeter Dairy
7:51 / 25326

Kleinpeter Dairy Farm thrives in tough economic times while helping other Louisiana-based businesses grow. Shauna Sanford asks, “What’s their secret?”

click for larger image

Poverty Point
7:50 / 25402

Charlie Whinham heads to West Carroll Parish and explores Poverty Point State Historical, which holds the secrets to a 3500-year old civilization that rivals the Mayans.

click for larger image

Young Hero Kari Heideman
4:26 / 14384

Meet another of the 2009 Louisiana Young Heroes, Kari Heidman of Covington.

click for larger image

Lake Bistineau
2:08 / 6906

Enjoy the sights of Lake Bistineau State Park in Webster Parish.

July 3, 2009 - LSWI3243

click for larger image

Beautiful Bistineau
6:40 / 21714

Charlie Whinham continues his trek around the Louisiana State Parks by exploring northwest Louisiana and Lake Bistineau State Park.

click for larger image

Guarding the Tomb of the Unknowns
6:18 / 20428

Meet a Denham Springs man who is part of the "Old Guard" that watches over the Tomb of the Unknowns.

click for larger image

Louisiana Young Heroes Boyd and Harrison
7:50 / 25439

We showcase two more LPB Young Heroes: Carter Boyd of Shreveport and Carl Harrison from New Orleans.

click for larger image

Scenes from Toledo Bend
1:24 / 4604

Enjoy the sights of North Toledo Bend State Park on a beautiful summer day.

June 26, 2009 LSWI3242

click for larger image

Legislative Roundtable 2009
55:51 / 184908

Regional Round Tables Find out what State Representatives and Senators felt about the recently completed Louisiana Legislative Session.

click for larger image

Legislative Roundtable - New Orleans 2009
23:50 / 78925

Discussions with New Orleans area legislators.

June 19, 2009 LSWI3241

click for larger image

LPB Day at the Capitol
1:46 / 5882

Monday was LPB Day at the state capitol. Hundreds of kids, parents and teachers attended.

click for larger image

Legislative Wrap-up Week 8
6:51 / 22692

State lawmakers continue to wrestle over the $28.7-billion budget.

click for larger image

Toledo Bend State Park
6:19 / 20973

Charlie Whinham travels to North Toledo Bend State Park where the campers routinely hook some trophy catches.

click for larger image

Boating Safety
6:40 / 21774

The U.S. Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary offer important safety tips for this boating season.

June 12, 2009 LSWI3240

click for larger image

Legislative Review Week 7
6:35 / 21821

Raise the price of cigarettes, create a new curriculum and diploma for high school students, and repeal the state motorcycle helmet law.

click for larger image

6:23 / 21234

Celebrate Author James Joyce.

click for larger image

Young Heroes Helen Meridy and Kristin Slack
8:16 / 27418

See the inspirational stories of two more winners of the Young Heroes award, Helen Meridy of New Orleans and Kristin Slack of Webster Parish.

click for larger image

Legion of Honor Winner
0:26 / 1458

WWII veteran Lee Bernard recieved the Legion of Honor award this week in France.

June 5, 2009 LSWI3239

click for larger image

Legislative Review Week 6
7:05 / 23489

From getting tough on parents whose children skip school to increasing the penalties for refusing to take a breathalyzer test in a suspected DWI case.

click for larger image

Fountainebleau State Park
7:15 / 24052

Discover the history and tranquility of Fountainebleau State Park in Mandeville.

click for larger image

Louisiana Young Hero Craig Anthony Young
4:33 / 15013

Meet Craig Anthony Young of Baton Rouge who has learned to make the most out of life no matter the challenges that come his way.

click for larger image

America's Wetlands
2:11 / 7246

With hurricane season under way, a group of envrionmentalists set sail across the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Louisiana for coastal protection.

May 29, 2009 LSWI3238

click for larger image

Legislative Review Week 5
4:59 / 16636

Shauna Sanford recaps week 5 including defective Chinese dry wall, higher GPA requirements, and using rainy day funds to mitigate cuts to higher education.

click for larger image

Longfellow-Evangeline State Historic Site
6:59 / 23136

Charlie Whinham shares the history and culture of the Longfellow-Evangeline State Historic Site in St. Martinville.

click for larger image

IRS Interview
5:18 / 17602

Dee Harris with the IRS helps protect financial and tax records in the event of hurricanes and other disasters.

May 22, 2009 LSWI3237

Legislative Review Week 4
6:40 / 21684

Super Bowl incentives, public smoking bans and developing a higher education task force are just some of the issues facing lawmakers this week.

click for larger image

Barry Erwin Interview
3:47 / 12550

Charlie Whinham talks with Barry Irwin of CABL about the Legislative session.

click for larger image

Hurricane Preparations
5:11 / 17203

Hurricane season starts June 1st. What are the experts predicting for this year and what important lessons has Entergy learned from Hurricanes Gustav and Ike?

click for larger image

Louisiana Young Hero Zachary Revall
4:15 / 14140

Meet St. Charles Catholic High School senior Zachary Revall, one of eight 2009 Louisiana Young Heroes.

May 15, 2009 LSWI3236

click for larger image

Legislative Review Week 3
7:05 / 23512

Shauna Sanford recaps Week 3 at the State Capitol.

click for larger image

State Parks Cuts
6:28 / 21180

The Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism is bracing for a 30% budget cut.

click for larger image

Young Hero Emily Seba
4:47 / 15822

LPB honors eight inspirational young people in the state when "Louisiana Young Heroes" airs Sunday, June 14. We will meet one of those honorees tonight.

May 8, 2009 LSWI3235

click for larger image

Legislative Review Week 2
8:15 / 27337

Charlie Whinham recaps topics state lawmakers are considering happenings at the Capitol.

click for larger image

Public Policy Research Poll
5:54 / 18489

The Louisiana Public Policy Research Lab recently posed questions to residents statewide regarding the state government's handling of many issues.

click for larger image

Dr. Frank Welch Interview
4:23 / 14202

Get the latest update on the Swine Flu from Dr. Frank Welch, Medical Director of Immunizations for the Department of Health and Hospitals.

May 1, 2009 LSWI3234

click for larger image

2009 Legislative Session Underway
7:51 / 25123

The 2009 legislative session is underway. Governor Jindal told state lawmakers that there will not be any easy fixes for budget shortfall.

click for larger image

LSMSA Celebrates 25th Graduating Class
7:53 / 26165

Based in Natchitoches, the Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts (LSMSA) is celebrating its 25th graduating class this spring.

click for larger image

First Annual Governor's Games Unity Day
3:40 / 12219

The First Annual Governor?s Games Unity Day will be held in Baton Rouge on Saturday, May 2.

April 24, 2009 LSWI 3233

click for larger image

2009 Legislative Session Begins
0:08:01 / 25.2 MB

The 2009 legislative session begins next week and we will take a look at some of the pressing issues Governor Jindal and legislators will face.

click for larger image

0:03:57 / 12.5 MB

Charlie Whinham returned from Shreveport to witness the largest student art festival in the South. ArtBreak began twenty-five years ago and showcases the visual, literary and performing arts of over 100 north Louisiana schools.

click for larger image

Shirley White Interview
0:07:17 / 23.2 MB

Career coach Dr. Shirley White of Success Images will sit down with Shauna and Charlie to discuss strategies on finding a new career in this ever changing job market.

click for larger image

0:07:17 / 23.2 MB

Louisiana School for Math Science and the Arts.

April 17,  2009 LSWI 3232

Lieutenant General Russel Honor
0:08:01 / 25.2 MB

Lieutenant General Russel Honore, the tough, no nonsense three-star general who headed up the recovery effort after Hurricane Katrina, has written a book about how to prepare for the next storm.

click for larger image

President George H.W. Bush Visits Cameron Parish
0:03:57 / 12.5 MB

President George H.W. Bush traveled to Cameron Parish to tour South Cameron Memorial Hospital, which the Bush-Clinton Foundation helped rebuild.

click for larger image

Louisiana Bat Companies
0:07:17 / 23.2 MB

Louisiana-based Marucci Bat Co. and Albin Athletics have joined forces and are poised to take a swing at the $250-million wholesale market of baseball and softball bats.

April 10,  2009 LSWI 3231

click for larger image

Tax Tips
0:05:17 / 20.0 MB

April 15th is the federal income tax deadline! IRS tax consultant Diane Denton joins Shauna with some very important and helpful last-minute tax tips.

click for larger image

Charlie Melancon Interview
0:06:28 / 20.0 MB

President Obama is home from his trip abroad. What did he accomplish and, given the hard economic times facing this country and our state, what more needs to be done here at home? U.S. Representative Charlie Melancon of the 3rd Congressional District will talk about the latest developments.

click for larger image

Carlow Choir
0:07:33 / 20.0 MB

Music has the power to soothe the spirit, inspire the mind, and reach the heart. Donna LaFleur visited a group of ordinary citizens from the CENLA region, who have discovered the joy of song in a meaningful ministry through the Carlow choir.

click for larger image

Easter Egg Hunt
0:02:05 / 6.6 MB

Enjoy the sights and sounds of the annual Easter egg hunt at the governor's mansion.

April 3,  2009 LSWI 3230

click for larger image

Artist Rhea Gary
0:06:57 / 22.2 MB

Artist and activist Rhea Gary has been using her canvas to create and to educate the public about the beauty and necessity of the wetlands. This month, she and America's Wetland Foundation are sponsoring a one-artist show of her latest paintings. Shauna Sanford visited with Gary in her studio.

click for larger image

Solar Home Competition
0:07:47 / 24.8 MB

Meet the UL-Lafayette Solar Decathlon Team, a group of students and faculty of the ULL Architecture School. UL-Lafayette is one of 20 teams chosen worldwide to compete in the U.S. Department of Energy's Solar Decathlon. The "BeauSoleil" solar home will travel to the National Mall as part of the competition's "Solar Village" this September.

click for larger image

Laura Larkin Interview
0:04:15 / 13.6 MB

Laura Larkin of the Greater Baton Rouge Arts Council is our in-studio guest and will talk about the proposed 83% budget cut to state arts funding.

click for larger image

Global Strike Command
0:00:51 / 2.3 MB

Barksdale AFB is set to get the Global Strike Command which manages the nuclear arsenal. The decision is still contingent on a successful environmental impact study.

March 27,  2009 LSWI 3229

click for larger image

House Foreclosures
0:07:22 / 23.4 MB

Real estate experts say there is a troubling trend emerging in Shreveport, Baton Rouge and other parts of the state. Shauna Sanford talks with experts about the problem areas in the state and a homeowner who is experiencing the foreclosure crisis firsthand.

click for larger image

Dulac Recovery
0:06:39 / 21.2 MB

Many in rural Louisiana feel they have been forgotten in the recovery process after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Charlie Whinham talks with residents from the fishing community of Dulac to see how they are rebuilding their homes and their lives.

click for larger image

What's in a Name? Fisher
0:06:00 / 19.0 MB

We head to Toledo Bend area to visit the historic village of Fisher, as part of our "What's in a Name?" series.

March 20,  2009 LSWI 3228

Compressed Natural Gas
0:06:14 / 26.1 MB

State Representative Jane Smith is crafting legislation to increase the incentives for businesses and consumers to buy alternative fuel vehicles or converters for gasoline cars and trucks. Shauna Sanford takes a look at the CNG vehicle and what it could mean.

Mel Ott Turns 100
0:08:21 / 35.0 MB

Louisiana native Mel Ott, one of baseball's greatest players, would have turned 100 this month. His hometown of Gretna honored "Master Melvin" recently by unveiling a life-sized bronze statue of the Hall of Famer.

Senator Cheryl Gray Interview
0:04:06 / 12.3 MB

Senator Cheryl Gray of the Legislative Black Caucus discusses the upcoming legislative session.

High School Robot Competition
0:00:48 / 3.4 MB

University of New Orleans hosted a robotics contest for high school students.

March 13, 2009 LSWI 3227

Stem Cell Debate
0:07:07 / 29.8 MB

Shauna Sanford talks with a Parkinson's Disease patient who says President Barack Obama's reversal of the ban on federal funding of embryonic stem cell research is the hope that she and others have been waiting for while the Louisiana Right to Life Foundation says it's unethical to use stem cells from embryos.

Teaching Kids Chess
0:06:25 / 26.9 MB

Charlie Whinham discovered chess can be as exciting as recess for at-risk elementary school kids, thanks to former Alabama state trooper Orrin C. Hudson who travels the United States to show how the game of chess can prepare young minds for the game of life.

"What's in a Name?" - Rayne
0:07:28 / 31.3 MB

"What's in a Name?" returns with reporter Charlie Whinham and photographer Virnado Woods visiting the town of Rayne, Louisiana, the self-proclaimed "frog capitol of the world."

March 6, 2009 LSWI 3226

Stimulus Money or Not?
0:07:40 / 32.1 MB

The federal stimulus plan recently passed by Congress could offer some relief. Shauna Sanford talks to supporters and opponents of the stimulus money and looks at what it could mean for the state's unemployed.

Raised on Rice and Gravy
0:07:08 / 29.7 MB

Charlie Whinham talks to two documentary filmmakers from Lafayette who produced "Raised on Rice and Gravy," a documentary about plate lunch houses in south Louisiana.

DWI Debate
0:07:08 / 24.3 MB

Governor Bobby Jindal has proposed stricter DWI legislation. We hear from both sides of the issue.

February 27,  2009 LSWI 3225

Jindal GOP Response
0:06:12 / 26.0 MB

Governor Jindal's GOP response to President Obama's speech to congress this week has drawn plenty of opinions from across the state and around the country. Charlie Whinham recaps Jindal's week in the national spotlight.

Orphan Trains
0:08:56 / 37.4 MB

In the early 1900s, thousands of children from New York City were given up for adoption by their struggling immigrant parents. They were put on "Orphan Trains" and sent to live with families throughout the country. Some ended up in Louisiana. Ninety-two year old Alice Bernard of Erath talks with Shauna Sanford about her painful past and how, ironically, it has led to an abundance of love and family.

Ernest Gaines Interview
0:06:10 / 25.8 MB

Pulitzer Prize nominated author Earnest Gaines talked with LPB President Beth Courtney about his career and his book "A Lesson Before Dying." The book is part of the "One Book, One Community" program which provides readers with a shared experience that leads to open dialogue.

February 20, 2009 LSWI 3224

Louisiana General in Iraq
0:01:10 / 4.4 MB

Owen W. Monconduit became the first African American in Louisiana to achieve the rank of Brigadier General.

Safe Haven Laws
0:06:19 / 23.4 MB

The Department of Social Services wants the word out about the state's Safe Haven Law after a young woman threw her unwanted newborn into Lake Pontchartrain.

Ralph Sims
0:07:17 / 27.0 MB

We pay tribute to former broadcaster and public relations executive Ralph Sims who died last week at the age of 92. Charlie Whinham talks with friends of Ralph as they reflect on his impact on Louisiana.

Mardi Gras Indians
0:06:46 / 25.1 MB

The Mardi Gras Indians have been part of the carnival tradition for more than 150 years, and this week, Shauna Sanford talks with one of the most well-known Mardi Gras Indians in the world, Darryl Montana.

February 13,  2009 LSWI 3223

Response to Stimulus Package
0:04:28 / 16.3 MB

Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu talks with Shauna Sanford about the effort to get bipartisan support for the economic stimulus plan and why she believes inaction during this economic crisis was not an option.

Lincoln's 200th Birthday
0:06:52 / 28.7 MB

Abraham Lincoln turned 200 Thursday and Charlie Whinham talks with scholars and artists who have organized commemorative events in Louisiana that will last all year long.

The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts
0:09:37 / 40.3 MB

The New Orleans Center for Creative Arts is calling all middle and high school students from around the state who are interested in learning more about the creative arts. March 7th is the deadline to apply for the Summer Session. And the good news is that the tuition is FREE.

February 6,  2009 LSWI 3222

Cervical Cancer Vaccine
0:07:27 / 31.2 MB

Shauna Sanford looks into a vaccination for teens and pre-teens to prevent cervical cancer and whether the state should force insurance companies to cover the vaccine.

Walking Researcher
0:04:47 / 20.1 MB

Catrine Tudor-Locke, a professor at Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Baton Rouge, is studying the effects of increased walking in a person's daily routine.

Lolis Elie Interview
0:07:52 / 32.9 MB

Lolis Elie, co-director and writer of FAUBOURG TREME: THE UNTOLD STORY OF BLACK NEW ORLEANS joins us to talk about his documentary, which premieres February 8th on LPB.

January 30,  2009 LSWI 3221

Congressman Steve Scalise
0:06:43 / 30.1 MB

Shauna Sanford recently spoke with Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise about the new administration, the president's 800-plus-billion dollar stimulus package and his top priorities for Louisiana.

National Science Fair Champion
0:07:58 / 33.4 MB

Charlie Whinham introduces us to a national science fair champion from Lake Charles. Taylor Wood, a student at Sam Houston High School, is developing an environmentally-safe mosquito repellant.

Chief Justice Catherine "Kitty" Kimball
0:05:37 / 28.1 MB

Catherine "Kitty" Kimball became the first female on Louisiana's Supreme Court last month. Chief Justice Kimball joins Shauna and Charlie in the studio to discuss her priorities for the state's highest court.

January 23,  2009 LSWI 3220

Inauguration Reaction
0:07:12 / 30.3 MB

Shauna Sanford talks with college students at Southern University and LSU on Inauguration Day. Hear clips from students at Evangel Christian Academy In Shreveport.

Speaker of the House Jim Tucker Interview
0:05:07 / 17.1 MB

Speaker of the House Jim Tucker talks about the state's mid-year budget cuts as well as projections to cut two billion dollars in the state budget next year.

Commissioner of Higher Education Dr. Sally Clausen Interview
0:07:12 / 30.3 MB

Commissioner of Higher Education Dr. Sally Clausen weighs in on the challenges facing Louisiana.

January 16,  2009 LSWI 3219

School Takeovers
0:04:23 / 18.3 MB

There are thirty-three Louisiana public schools eligible for state takeover. After heated debate this week by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the state is taking over ten public schools. Charlie Whinham recaps the decision.

Mardi Gras Indians
0:09:09 / 30.3 MB

The Mardi Gras Indians have been part of the carnival tradition for more than 150 years, and this week, Shauna Sanford talks with one of the most well-known Mardi Gras Indians in the world, Darryl Montana.

Baton Rouge Jewish Film Festival
0:06:15 / 26.2 MB

The Third Annual Baton Rouge Jewish Film Festival runs January 21-25. Allegra Yancey previews some of the films with organizers Harvey Hoffman and Paula Hoffman.

Grambling Band to Washington, D.C.
0:02:15 / 9.4 MB

The Grambling Marching Band heads to Washington, D.C. for Inauguration Day 2009.

January 9, 2009 LSWI 3218

Baton Rouge Video Games
0:09:09 / 38.2 MB

Shauna Sanford talks with some of the major players in the video game industry and learns how anyone who loves to play video games can get involved.

Simon Marks Interview
0:04:31 / 19.0 MB

Charlie Whinham sits down with international correspondent Simon Marks of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer.

Mardi Gras Masks Maker
0:08:20 / 33.8 MB

As Mardi Gras season began this week, we visit a master Mardi Gras mask maker in Mermentau.

January 2,  2009 LSWI 3217

Robinson Film Center
0:06:31 / 27.2 MB

Shauna Sanford gives us a front row seat at the Robinson Film Center in Shreveport which is dedicated to independent films.

"What's in a Name?" Series - Donaldsonville
0:08:52 / 37.1 MB

History and mystery dominate this week's "What's in a Name?" segment from Charlie Whinham as he travels to a former state capitol, Donaldsonville.

Yo-Yo Man
0:07:28 / 31.2 MB

Donna LaFleur introduces us to a Louisiana yo-yo devotee and former national yo-yo champion.

December 26,  2008 LSWI 3216

Elmo Visits
0:06:15 / 23.8 MB

What could be more festive than Elmo the day after Christmas? Shauna Sanford sits down with Elmo and the puppeteer behind the big red ball of energy.

"What's in a Name?" Series - Rayne
0:07:46 / 32.1 MB

In his "What's in a Name?" series, Charlie Whinham doesn't meet Kermit, but he does venture into Rayne. Louisiana, the self-proclaimed "Frog Capital of the World".

High School Rodeo
0:08:03 / 33.3 MB

We head to the rodeo pen and find three Louisiana teenagers who qualified for the High School National Rodeo.

December 19,  2008 LSWI 3215

Healthcare 3
0:06:26 / 26.0 MB

Shauna Sanford has Part Three of her report on the Louisiana Health First Plan with DHH Secretary Alan Levine responding to critics of the plan.

"What's in a Name?" Series - Donaldsonville
0:08:42 / 36.4 MB

Charlie Whinham continues his "What's in a Name?" series with a visit to a former state capital, Donaldsonville.

Indian Cooking
0:07:57 / 33.2 MB

Governor Jindal's aunt shares some exotic and simple recipes for Christmas.

December 12,  2008 LSWI 3214

Healthcare 2
0:08:01 / 33.5 MB

Shauna Sanford talks to critics of the governor's managed care program. Is the Louisiana Health First plan the cure for what ails the state's Medicaid system or is it the wrong prescription for the wrong diagnosis?

"What's in a Name?" Series - Many
0:08:19 / 34.8 MB

Charlie Whinham traveles to the beautiful Toledo Bend area as he continues his series "What's in a Name?" This week Charlie sheds light on the origins of the city of Many, Louisiana.

Christmas Trains
0:04:45 / 19.9 MB

Producer Donna LaFleur visits Jackson, Louisiana where Christmas train enthusiasts are celebrating a 100-year-old holiday tradition.

December 5, 2008 LSWI 3213

LA Failing Healthcare
0:08:35 / 35.8 MB

Shauna Sanford looks at how the state's Medicaid system would change from a fee-for-service system to a managed care system called Louisiana Health First.

"What's in a Name?" Series - Cut Off
0:07:33 / 31.6 MB

Charlie Whinham continues his "What's in a Name?" series. Find out the origins to Cut Off, Louisiana, which is home to the largest alligator farm in the world.

Marine Reservist
0:05:54 / 18.4 MB

Donna LaFleur introduces us to a Marine from Louisiana, whose role in helping the women of Iraq reflects the new face of the military.

November 28,  2008 LSWI 3212

Judy Woodruff Interview
0:05:26 / 17.1 MB

Charlie Whinham talks with Judy Woodruff, senior correspondent of The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer. Woodruff has covered presidential campaigns for three decades and offers her thoughts on this year's election.

True False Tour
0:07:01 / 22.1 MB

Shauna Sanford discovered one Louisiana tourism office is making adventure travel as simple as child's play. We take you on a "True or False Tour."

Ernest Gaines Art Exhibit
0:06:28 / 19.6 MB

Donna LaFleur takes us inside the LSU Gallery of Art exhibit that is currently featuring art inspired by the words of late legendary Louisiana author Ernest Gaines.

November 21,  2008 LSWI 3211

GM Shreveport
0:02:42 / 11.3 MB

As auto executives ask Congress for billions of dollars, we hear from GM Plant workers in Shreveport as they lobby for their future.

Elmo Interview
0:05:45 / 24.1 MB

Sesame Street's Elmo visited Baton Rouge for the kick-off of LPB's preschool reading program called "Raising Readers." Shauna Sanford sits down with Elmo and the puppeteer behind the big red ball of energy.

Interview with Dr. Donald Andrews
0:03:39 / 14.0 MB

Southern University's Dean of Business School Dr. Donald Andrews is our in-studio guest. Dr. Andrews will discuss Louisiana's economic outlook.

"What's in a Name?" Series - Fisher
0:06:08 / 25.7 MB

"What's in a Name?" returns with a visit to Fisher, Louisiana.

November 14,  2008 LSWI 3210

"What's in a Name?" Series - Rayne
0:08:01 / 52.4 MB

"What's in a Name?" returns with reporter Charlie Whinham and photographer Virnado Woods visiting the town of Rayne, Louisiana, the self-proclaimed "frog capitol of the world."

William Joyce
0:06:03 / 25.3 MB

Producer Donna Lafleur visits with a successful children's book author and this year's winner of the Louisiana writer's award, William Joyce.

Louisiana Honor Air
0:04:39 / 19.5 MB

WWL reporter Bill Capo and photographer Brian Lukas share the moving story of a pilgrimage to honor heroes.

0:02:19 / 9.8 MB

Anchor and producer Charlie Whinham and videographer and editor Keith Crews won first place in the 2007 Military Reporters & Editors competition for the LPB documentary "Louisiana World War II Stories."

November 7,  2008 LSWI 3209

Louisiana Election Results
0:07:59 / 29.4 MB

Shauna Sanford will talk with political analysts from Southern and LSU to discuss voting trends in Louisiana as well as across the South and how this week's presidential election has transformed American politics.

General Robert Barrow
0:06:06 / 25.6 MB

LPB will pay tribute to former Marine Commandant General Robert H. Barrow, who passed away this week in St. Francisville at age 86.

Cynthia Bridges Interview
0:04:11 / 12.3 MB

Secretary of the Department of Revenue Cynthia Bridges will be in the studio to talk about an innovative new tool for Louisiana businesses.

October 31,  2008 LSWI 3208

Early Voting
0:07:13 / 30.2 MB

Over one-quarter million Louisiana voters decided to vote early. Shauna Sanford talks with Secretary of State Jay Dardenne about the record setting early turnout and what to know come Election Day.

High School Dropouts
0:06:11 / 17.4 MB

Producer Allegra Yancey takes a look at the growing high school dropout rate in Louisiana.

Jim Brandt Interview
0:07:07 / 25.8 MB

Jim Brandt of the Public Affairs Research Council is in our studio to talk about the seven constitutional ammendments on next Tuesday's ballot.

October 24,  2008 LSWI 3207

Big Charity Hospital's Future
0:07:23 / 30.9 MB

Charlie Whinham asks "What is the future of Big Charity Hospital in New Orleans" The Foundation for Historical Louisiana says restoring the 80-year-old facility will be faster and cheaper than building new.

Southern University's New Chancellor
0:07:24 / 31.0 MB

Shauna Sanford introduces us to the new chancellor of Southern University, Dr. Kofi Lomotey. He is making a big effort to reach out to the community, various business and community organizations, improve the university's image and the relationship between the administration and the students.

T. Boone Pickens
0:02:14 / 9.4 MB

Oilman-turned-activist T. Boone Pickens made a stop in Shreveport this week to discuss the country's energy future.

Secretary of State Jay Dardenne
0:04:53 / 15.5 MB

Secretary of State Jay Dardenne talks about the upcoming election and voter turnout.

October 17,  2008 LSWI 3206

Pilots for Patients
0:04:16 / 13.3 MB

Hear about a group based in Monroe that helps Louisiana patients of all ages get to distant hospitals for life-saving care. 'Pilots for Patients' has already made over 150 flights this year.

Robinson Film Center in Shreveport
0:06:36 / 20.8 MB

The city of Shreveport is proud of their newest facility dedicated to independent films. Shauna Sanford gives us a tour of the Robinson Film Center in Shreveport that debuted earlier this year.

Java Exhibit
0:06:17 / 19.6 MB

Donna LaFleur takes us to the Imperial Calcasieu Museum in Lake Charles for a tour of their latest exhibit, "Java!"

Louisiana Honor Air
0:04:46 / 15.1 MB

We return to the skies with TD Smith of Lafayette with Louisiana Honor Air. The group's mission is to take every Louisiana WWII veteran to the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C.

October 10,  2008 LSWI 3205

Haynesville Shale, Part 3
0:05:55 / 24.7 MB

In part three of her series "The Haynesville Shale," Shauna Sanford talks with Shreveport Mayor Cedric Glover to find out what the future holds for the city and residents.

Lincoln Boat Tour
0:07:16 / 30.4 MB

Charlie Whinham rode a Pioneer-era boat recently and retraced the journey of a young Abe Lincoln when the teenager transported goods and produce on a flatboat down the Mississippi River.

Loren Scott Interview
0:05:06 / 21.3 MB

Economist Loren Scott sits down with Shauna and Charlie to discuss the recent national credit crisis and Louisiana's economic future.

October 03,  2008 LSWI 3204

Haynesville Shale, Part 2
0:06:43 / 28.0 MB

The Haynesville Shale in northwest Louisiana is being called a modern day gold rush but not everyone is striking it rich. Shauna Sanford talks with C. C. Canaday of Keatchie who is determined to help out "the little guy."

Baton Rouge Tree Assessment
0:03:51 / 16.1 MB

Liz Barnes explains why USDA Forest Service Teams are in Louisiana. GPS technology and laptops help them assess the staggering loss of trees after Hurricane Gustav.

French Accord
0:03:57 / 16.6 MB

Allegra Yancey tells us about the recently signed French Accord at the Governor's Mansion that will offer more education and cultural exchange between Louisiana and France.

Dr. Donald Andrews Interview
0:04:24 / 3.6 MB

Dr. Donald Andrews, Dean of the Business School at Southern University talks about the current economic crisis facing our country.

Chopin House Fire
0:00:50 / 3.6 MB

Fire destroys the 200 year old Chopin House.

September 26,  2008 LSWI 3203

Haynesville Shale
0:06:11 / 25.9 MB

The Haynesville Shale could be the fourth largest natural gas reservoir in the world. Shauna Sanford discovered hundreds of people northwest Louisiana have become instant millionaires and stand to gain much more money in royalty checks.

Cameron Priest Fr. Joseph McGrath
0:07:52 / 32.9 MB

Charlie Whinham visited Cameron Parish and found one Catholic Priest and his parishioners counting the missing and their blessings after Hurricane Ike.

Immaculee Ilibagiza
0:04:16 / 25.9 MB

Immaculee Ilibagiza tells her story of survival and forgiveness.

French Accord
0:00:42 / 3.0 MB

Agreements are signed on the new education agreeements between Louisiana and France.

Grambling Groundbreaking
0:00:57 / 4.0 MB

The ground is broken at Grambling University for the Eddie G. Robinson Museum.

September 19,  2008 LSWI 3202

All-Star Cajun Comedy Tour
0:06:19 / 19.9 MB

Allegra Yancey sits down with Cajun stand-up comedians Murry Conque, Kent Gonsoulin and Jonathan Perry, also known as the All-Star Cajun Comedy Tour.

Cameron Parish After Ike
0:06:51 / 21.7 MB

Charlie Whinham reports from southwest Louisiana and found residents in Cameron Parish who returned after Hurricane Rita only to lose everything again after Ike.

Flooded After Ike
0:06:28 / 20.5 MB

Shauna Sanford headed to southeast Louisiana and Terrebone Parish where an estimated 15,000 homes flooded after Hurricane Ike.

September 12,  2008 LSWI 3201

Interview with Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon
0:07:34 / 34.9 MB

Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon joins Shuana and Charlie to discuss important issues regarding insurance coverage after Hurricane Gustav.

Help From the Heartland
0:05:28 / 27.7 MB

National Guard units from 21 states came to Louisiana in recovery efforts after Gustav. LPB follows one unit from Missouri.

Slow Recovery After Gustav
0:07:17 / 32.9 MB

Shauna Sanford sees how people are coping without electricity in the Baton Rouge area and how extensive the damage remains 10 days after the storm.

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