Tuesday, September 01, 2015

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  • LPB looks back at the destruction and devastation left by the storm, the progress made, and work left to be done.
As the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches, Louisiana Public Broadcasting looks back at the destruction and devastation left by the storm, the progress made, and work left to be done. All week, LPB commemorates the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina with a slate of programming on-air, online and through the Louisiana Digital Media Archive.

Wednesday at 7PM:

LPB presents Louisiana Public Square: Louisiana Post-Katrina: A Decade of Difference. Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina swept through Southeast Louisiana, triggering what would become the nation's costliest disaster. Less than a month later, Hurricane Rita inundated Southwest Louisiana forever altering the landscape. The storms uprooted residents, while the rest of Louisiana and its neighboring states welcomed them with open arms. What affect did the storms have on economic development along the I-10 corridor? A decade later, how have public services changed? How prepared is Louisiana to handle hurricane evacuees? And how have the hurricanes change the demographics of the state.

Thursday at 8PM:

In association with PBS’ national broadcast, LPB airs Katrina 10 Years After: A Second Life, A Second Chance. The program looks back at the ill-fated days after Hurricane Katrina and how, ten years later, the city of New Orleans has achieved what seemed almost unimaginable a decade ago - the resurrection of one of America’s most beloved cities.

Friday at 7PM:

LPB’s weekly news magazine, Louisiana: The State We’re In asks: Is New Orleans and the state better off ten years later? This State We’re In special looks at the changes made to public education and healthcare, as well as levee and coastal protection efforts. Ten years later, Shauna Sanford tours New Orleans with retired Lt. General Russel Honoré, best known for serving as Commander of the Joint Task Force responsible for coordinating military relief efforts for affected areas across the Gulf Coast. And we look back at how LPB served as home base to media outlets during that time, including WWL-TV and WWOZ-FM.

Saturday at 7PM:

On the 10th anniversary of Katrina’s landfall, LPB will broadcast an encore statewide presentation of Katrina 10 Years After: A Second Life, A Second Chance along with WYES. At 8:30PM, see Rising Above the Surge: The Post-Katrina Coast. This Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s production shows the changes to the Gulf Coast and how the community has dealt with the aftermath of the storm devastation. At 9:30PM, Paratus 14:50, from Alabama Public Television, explores the U.S. Coast Guard’s swift response to Katrina in 2005.

Throughout the week and weekend:

PBS NewsHour looks back a Hurricane Katrina and its long-lasting effects on the state. It will examine such topics as Louisiana’s shrinking coastline, healthcare in New Orleans, and the still somewhat desolate Lower 9th Ward. NewsHour will also talk with Wendell Pierce (Tremé, Selma), the narrator of Katrina 10 Years After: A Second Life, A Second Chance. The segment will look at the non-profit corporation Pierce started, building affordable solar and geothermal homes in New Orleans for families displaced by Katrina.
Throughout August, Louisiana Digital Media Archive (ladigitalmedia.org) looks back at the storms that have impacted our state. Videos include stories and segments featured on Louisiana: The State We’re In and Louisiana Public Square about Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, and clips on Hurricanes Audrey (1957), Betsy (1965), Camille (1969), Gustav (2008), Ike (2008), and Isaac (2012).

In addition to clips, LDMA will spotlight other past full length LPB documentaries produced about Katrina including, Washing Away: Losing Louisiana, Washing Away: After the Storms, Surviving the Storm, and Katrina’s Smallest Victims.

For more information on these programs, go to LPB’s Hurricane Katrina webpage at lpb.org/Katrina. You can also contact Margaret T. Schlaudecker at (800) 272-8161, ext. 4276 or (225) 767-4276 or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
Published: August 24, 2015

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