Castle on the Hill: Louisiana's Old State Capitol

Castle on the Hill: Louisiana’s Old State Capitol »»»

LPB Emmy winning producer and host Charlie Whinham takes viewers on a tour of Louisiana’s Old State Capitol in Baton Rouge when Castle On The Hill: Louisiana’s Old State Capitol.

Completed in 1850, the Old State Capitol has served not only as a seat of government, but also served as a hospital, Union troops compound, as well as a prison.

The “Castle on the Hill” has stood the test of time and survived the battles of the Civil War as well as the impeachment hearings of Governor Huey Long.

Thanks to a massive restoration effort in the 1990s, this historic jewel houses stories of Louisiana’s rich political past and architectural wonders for future generations.

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Castle on the Hill: Louisiana’s Old State Capitol

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Friday, May 27, 2016
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