Good For What Ails You »»»Published: September 14, 2009

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  • Healing Secrets of the Cajuns, Creoles and Bayou Indians

At the dawn of the 21st century, there are still pockets of traditional folkways in Louisiana's bayous where alligator grease relieves asthma, a buried potato cures warts, and "smoking a baby" eases the pain of colic. This documentary by Glen Pitre and Nicole Falgoust takes viewers to a world where faith healing, herbal remedies and ritual magic are still an everyday occurrence. It follows respected traiteurs (in English, "treaters") as they gather wild teas, brew home-made cough syrup, invoke the saints at their home altars, and most of all, heal the sick.


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Good for What Ails You: Secrets of the Bayou Healers

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