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We firmly believe that people want to live healthily, but need correct information and advice in order to make healthy choices. Armed with knowledge, people can and do access appropriate health services. Thanks to today’s internet technology, we now have a place to turn to answer just about any question we may have about anything.

Children’s Health Initiative is a New Orleans based non-profit organization whose mission is to provide health education media resources to families in Louisiana.

Office for Addictive Disorders
Compulsive Gambling Hotline 1-877-770-7867
Alcohol/Drug Helpline is 1-877-664-2248

TITLE: I Never Called it Addiction (running time: 14:30)
In this program you will learn what is meant by the word addiction. What exactly is addiction? Why do those who suffer from addiction to alcohol and other drugs continue to abuse these substances in spite of the many negative consequences they experience? Why can’t they just stop?
  • You will hear from recovering addicts themselves.
  • You will learn that drinking and using drugs does not cause addiction.
  • You may know people who use alcohol and drugs who do not find their lives spinning out of control.
  • You may wonder why you or your loved one can’t be like them.

TITLE: Get Help…Get Better (running time: 14:30)
In this program you will learn more about the nature of addiction as a disease. Why it is considered to be chronic, progressive, and manageable. If you are a family member of an addict, you will learn why this disease affects the entire family. If you are an addict, there are some common feelings you probably share with many other addicts because:
  • You know that drinking and using drugs is something you continue to do in spite of negative consequences.
  • You want to stop, but have lost the ability to control your use
  • You feel like it is a hopeless situation.
But, the good news is:
  • You can find help.
  • You can live a happy, joyous and free life.

TITLE: Treatment is only the Beginning (running time: 14:30)
In this program you learn more about addictive disorders as a family disease.
  • You learn why the disease is called cunning, baffling and powerful.
  • You learn what relapse is and why it is part of the recovery process.
  • You learn that the addict’s family also needs a recovery program

TITLE: One Day at a Time (running time: 14:30)
In this program you learn about the challenges and rewards of getting into recovery.
  • You learn that it is crucial that willingness to get into recovery comes from within.
  • You learn to accept that addiction is a chronic progressive disease.
  • You learn that maintaining sobriety is a one day at a time process with no vacation days.

TITLE: Get Hooked on Healing (running time: 14:30)
This program will continue to follow the journeys of those who have chosen recovery. We will learn from them what they do to not just remain abstinent from alcohol and drugs, but to spiritually grow and thrive in a life of recovery. We will hear more about 12 step programs, how they work, and why they are considered the most universally successful fellowship programs that help addicts remain clean and sober. In wrapping up this program we will introduce other compulsive, self-destructive behaviors that are symptomatic of addictive disorders (obsession with gambling, food, sex) that seem to follow the same course as addiction to alcohol and drugs. In this program you meet Sandy W. and Roberto E., both in recovery for more than twenty-five years. Here the challenges and rewards of getting into and staying in recovery are explored.
  • You hear about the miracle of recovery.
  • You and your families learn that it is important to never give up hope for recovery no matter what.
  • You learn that recovery is extremely serious – without it the only future for the addict is jails, institutions and/or death.
  • You hear about the joys of life in recovery

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