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LPB seeks to encourage the use of new media to capture, relate and communicate the views of soon-to-be voters on the political and social occurrences of our country.

Engage groups of youth to share video segments of their lives, relating how the political and social events of our time affect them. They are invited to share their personal feelings on topics ranging from the election, inauguration and the first 100 days of Congress. Also important to the project are local races, initiatives and amendments, taxes and new laws.

Each student participating or selected for the program will provide video from their own video capture device (cell phone, camcorder, etc.) or may “borrow” from a pool of capture devices. The student will capture the video and edit it as they wish. They will then upload the video to LPB for consideration of being published on the LPB YouTube website or for possible airing.

Videos accepted for the LPB YouTube site may be published in a group. Those selected for airing may be used on LPB’s “Louisiana: The State We’re In” or “Louisiana Public Square.”

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