McLeod Lecture Series - Lecture 6: In the Halls of Power

McLeod Lecture Series: In the Halls of Power »»»

Louisiana Public Broadcasting and McNeese State University present the sixth annual McLeod Lecture Series.

Until 1920, women did not have the vote in this country.

Now a few generations later, Louisiana women have left their mark in the halls of the United States Congress as well as in statewide offices and in local governments.

LPB’s Beth Courtney leads a panel of Louisiana women reflecting on the unique legacy of our state’s elected female leaders. Joining us to share their perspectives and experiences are Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Catherine “Kitty” Kimball, Louisiana Senators Sharon Weston Broome and Willie Mount and Representative Jane Holland Smith.

The annual McLeod Lecture Series honors the late Bill McLeod, who served with distinction as a district judge as well as a legislator.

This event is part of the McNeese State University Banners Arts and Humanities Series.

In the Halls of Power … The Legacy of Louisiana's Elected Women is part of the McLeod Lecture Series at McNeese State University.


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McLeod Lecture Series: In the Halls of Power

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