McLeod Lecture Series - Lecture 10

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For more than a decade, many citizens have complained that political gridlock at the state and national levels have made it difficult to make progress in solving some of the issues facing the country and our state. In the tenth edition of the McLeod Lecture Series at McNeese State University, political experts explore the rise of partisan politics and what can be done to help create a better environment in the political arena when Overcoming Gridlock In A Partisan Environment premieres Thursday, May 2 at 7PM on the six-channel LPB network. It airs Wednesday, May 8 at 9PM on WLAE-TV32 in New Orleans.

Panelists include Stine Lumber CEO Dennis Stine, a former State Representative and Commissioner of Administration during the Roemer Administration; LSU Professor and former Blanco Communications Director Bob Mann who also worked for Louisiana Senators John Breaux, Bennett Johnston and Russell Long; and Reverend Raymond Jetson, the pastor at Star Hill Baptist Church in Baton Rouge who served 15 years in the Legislature. LPB President/CEO Beth Courtney is the moderator for the discussion.

The discussion was taped on March 21 at the Ralph Squires Auditorium on the McNeese University campus in Lake Charles. The McLeod Lecture Series was created in honor of former legislator and Judge Bill McLeod.

Overcoming Gridlock In A Partisan Environment is part of the McLeod Lecture Series at McNeese State University.

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