McLeod Lecture Series: Right to Work »»»Published: May 05, 2010

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  • McLeod Lecture Series: Lecture 7: Right to Work: Changes in Louisiana’s Political Landscape 2010

Louisiana Public Broadcasting and McNeese State University present the seventh annual McLeod Lecture Series.

A look back at the fight over Right to Work and what it has meant to the state’s workers since it was passed in 1976. It features three legislators who were involved in the heated battle over the law that prohibits agreements between unions and companies requiring all workers to either join the union or pay fees to the union as a condition of employment. Panelists include former state senators Edwards Barham and Sidney Barthelemy, former state representative Mike Thompson, former journalist John Hill and McNeese economics professor Michael Kurth. LPB President/CEO Beth Courtney is the moderator. The event was recorded April 8 at the Central School in Lake Charles as part of the annual McLeod Lecture Series which honors the late Bill McLeod, a prominent retired district judge and former state legislator who died in 2003.

Right to Work: Changes in Louisiana’s Political Landscape is part of the McLeod Lecture Series at McNeese State University.

Photo – left to right: Edwards Barham, Mike Thompson, Beth Courtney, John Hill, Michael Kurth, Sidney Barthelemy


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