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Monday, February 20, 2017
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Doc Martin Series 6

Doc Martin

Season 6 began February 6, 2014.

Dr. Martin Ellingham, a smart physician with a foul disposition, moves to Portwenn to replace the Cornish hamlet's deceased doctor, and promptly sets about alienating everyone.

Season 6 Episodes:

Sickness and Health

Martin finally marries Louisa with Joe Penhale as best man though neither party has a parent present and Martin is irritated by the gate-crashers at the reception. The villagers club together for a night in an isolated but luxurious lodge for the honey-mooners - whose seclusion they enjoy though Bert drives off with their day clothes and luggage. Following a chimney fire the Ellinghams set out to find a phone but instead run into gun-wielding recluse Bellamy, whose life Martin saves after an accident.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
With Louisa back at work the Ellinghams hire nanny Mel but she keeps scratching and when Martin tells her she has an infection caused by obesity she leaves. Fortunately Mike Pruddy steps into the breach, impressing Martin and allowing him to take Louisa to the school play. Here they meet chair of governors Dennis Dodd and his younger wife Karen and ask them to dinner. The dinner party is awkward as Martin believes Dennis is drunk and tells Louisa when they have to tend to baby James, unaware that their guests can hear them on the baby monitor.

The Tameness of a Wolf
Bert welcomes old flame Jennifer Cardew, Sally Tishell's replacement as pharmacist as his lodger but is less than pleased when pupil Becky Wead claims in the school magazine that she got food poisoning from his restaurant - especially when it turns out that her stomach ache was actually caused by an ulcer. Whilst Mike continues to impress as an immaculate nanny Louisa is slightly perturbed by his obsessive neatness.

Nobody Likes Me
Following her stalker scare Ruth moves into a new house, next door to cantankerous, asthmatic hoarder John Moysey, who matches Martin in rudeness. When Ruth's attic is flooded Moysey is responsible but when he suffers from excessive nose-bleeds Martin discovers that his unhealthy life-style has given him scurvy. Martin grudgingly takes James to a play-group, where his brusqueness does not go down well with the other mothers, though he does diagnose another baby's eye problem.

The Practice Around the Corner
Sally Tishell returns to Port Wenn, apparently cured of her obsession with Martin though she is hostile to Jennifer, whom she sees as a professional rival, and put out that Martin refuses to declare her fit enough to work on her own. Joe Penhale takes part in a survival course in the wilds where he ends up literally shooting himself in the foot whilst Morwenna and Al find that they have unwittingly corresponded with each other on a dating website, causing Al to move out and lodge with Joe.

Hazardous Exposure
After vying with Jennifer for customer attention Sally learns that she is finally allowed to practice alone and resume her old job so she is keen to see off her rival. Jennifer plans to leave Port Wenn but a marriage proposal from Bert changes her mind. Hypochondriac Malcolm Rayner complains of a cough which Martin, given that Malcolm is a builder, diagnoses as asbestos poisoning. Malcolm, believing he is dying, gets drunk and arrested by Joe, who panics, posting asbestos warnings around the village. When he impales himself on his staple gun Martin rescues him but his...

Listen with Mother
Ruth bumps into Margaret and berates her for being an unloving mother to Martin but even Margaret, like Louisa, is concerned that Martin seems withdrawn and unwell. He attends the school prize giving but his curt manner ends with him stomping off and Louisa, running after him, is hit by a car and hospitalized. Visiting her Martin is concerned that she may have an embolism but is shocked when she announces she wants to take James for a break with her mother Eleanor in Spain. Military policemen visit Port Wenn, looking for Mike, an Army deserter.

Martin watches sadly as Louisa and their baby get in a taxi on their way to Spain, after which he seeks advice from Ruth. She believes his emotional detachment and fear of blood both stem from his loveless upbringing and advises him to go after Louisa. As a result he confronts his mother, who has come to stay purely because she is penniless after her bereavement, and he throws her out.

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Monday, February 20, 2017
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