Louisiana Public Broadcasting presents a new series featuring the seafood of the Gulf Coast. Chef John Folse will travel through the region, visiting with local fishermen, shrimpers, and the everyday people who live, work and celebrate life along the rivers, swamps, and the Gulf of Mexico. This series will highlight the beauty of the area, the friendliness of its people and, of course, the great seafood that can only be found in the region. Chef Folse will demonstrate how to cook up some of the very best seafood dishes, featuring shrimp, crabs, fish, alligator, and other tasty treats from the Gulf Coast region.

Louisiana Public Broadcasting has a long and successful history with creating and distributing nationally broadcast, award-winning programs. As a state network of the Public Broadcasting System, LPB’s mission has been to highlight our unique and colorful state to the rest of the nation. We have featured the history, culture, art and great food that have brought people from around the world to visit and be part of our unique lifestyle. As our programs have long been associated with what is good about our region, many organizations associated with state tourism and business have funded our productions. This new series will help bring the message of the safe, delicious seafood to be found in the Gulf Coast Region.

Broadcast television, internet streaming and DVD distribution will allow for the maximum amount of viewers to see the series. Promotions will focus on both the creation and presentation of the program, with features on the show being highlighted in print, via internet and through such well established social media as LPB’s Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Project success will be measured by television rating services, website statistical programs, and interaction via social media. PBS stations around the country will provide carriage reports and demographics that can be used to establish the success rates of the show through such information on viewership and audience response.

The program will be available to PBS stations around the country on a four year, unlimited release contract, with options to renew for another four year period at the end. The program’s website and associated video segments will remain as an integral part of LPB’s award-winning website (lpb.org), and DVD sales through our ShopLPB site will allow for viewers to add episodes to their personal libraries. Such digital distribution will also allow others to share this new series with friends and relatives around the world.



Episode 101
Crabs - Louisa, LA
John visits St. Mary’s Seafood & Marina. He makes Fried Soft-Shelled Crab Po Boys with Frank Randol of Lafayette, owner of Randol’s Restaurant. John and Chris Lusk, Executive Chef from Café Revolution in New Orleans, make Ultimate Crab Cakes and French Fried Frog Legs. Plus John mixes a drink called the Havana Cooler.

Episode 102
Tilapia - Scott, LA
In this episode, John Folse travels to Scott, in south central Louisiana, and learns about all natural aqua farming of Tilapia. Brian Gotreaux and his family raise tilapia without the aid of any chemicals which they say gives their product a fresh, natural taste. Utilizing the farm-raised tilapia, John cooks with EBR Diosce Bishop Robert Muench and makes two tasty dishes. In their first recipe together, John shows the Bishop how to steam tilapia with an Asian flavor. And later, the two make Storm Night Soup; a perfect spring evening dish. And, John recounts his trip to Israel and roasting Tilapia on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

Episode 103
Redfish/Snapper - Caminada Pass
In this episode, John explains the different varieties of tasty gulf fish species we have off our coast. John introduces to local seafood experts from Tommy Vidrine, champion gulf fisherman, who specializes in catching Speckle Trout… to Leah Chase, famous Creole Chef from New Orleans, who describes how Creoles used Red Snapper to adorn their holiday table. John cooks a tasty Red Snapper Mardis Gras Style with good friend Buckley Kesler. Back on John’s White Oaks landing dock, he cooks Redfish with Captain Ryan Lambert, who owns a fishing and hunting lodge in Buras, LA. Then John makes a Creole Boulliabaisee with LA outdoors writer and host of his own outdoor show. Then John and both his guest relax with a little Southern Hospitality sipping a Caribbean Sunset on the dock at White Oaks.

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Hooks, Lies & Alibis with Chef John Folse

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