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February 21, 2014


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February 21, 2014
LSWI3724 - February 21, 2014

February 21, 2014 - Abortion Debate, LSU Eunice - Tobacco Free Campus, Together Louisiana Prepares for Legislative Session

Abortion Debate (04:41) Abortion rights advocates are claiming a victory now that the Department of Health and Hospitals has pulled it’s revisions of the rules and regulations concerning abortion clinics. But what prompted the changes in the first place? A bill by Representative Valerie Hodges was cited as one reason but Representative Hodges says one has nothing to do with the other. Shauna Sanford talks with abortion rights advocates and Representative Hodges about what happened and where the state should go from here. SHARE

LSU Eunice - Tobacco Free Campus (12:30) The campus of roughly 3,000 college students in Eunice is the first in the LSU system to go completely tobacco free. That means no smoking, dipping or chewing tobacco products anywhere on campus. Charlie Whinham looks at how LSUE has taken the lead role. SHARE

Together Louisiana Prepares for Legislative Session (18:41) Grassroots organization “Together Louisiana” is compiling a list of important issues to address for the upcoming legislative session. Payday lending reform, Medicaid expansion, wetlands issues and mass incarceration are just some of the topics on their list. The legislative session begins March 10th. SHARE

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