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May 30, 2014


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May 30, 2014
LSWI3738 - May 30, 2014

Legislative Recap, Louisiana Job Market 2014, Remembering John Maginnis

Legislative Recap (3:52) It’s the final week of the legislative session and state lawmakers plan to work through the weekend to meet the June 2nd deadline when it all has to come to an end. This week, there was a big push to approve the multi- billion dollar spending plan for public schools that has caused sparks to fly between some lawmakers and members of the state’s top school board. Plus, the state budget made it through the full senate but still has a long way to go. Shauna Sanford will have the highlights in our legislative recap. SHARE

Louisiana Job Market 2014 (9:37) Louisiana’s job market ranks among the best in the country but there is concern about whether there’s a well trained workforce to fill thousands of positions in the petrochemical and manufacturing industries. State lawmakers are addressing the issue and this month, Louisiana Public Square explores the state’s job growth and what it means for this year’s graduates and returning veterans looking for employment. SHARE

Remembering John Maginnis (17:04) John Maginnis, political columnist and publisher of LaPolitics Weekly passed away this week at the age of 66 after battling serious health issues. Word of his death left many shocked and saddened. LPB pays tribute to a journalist and author who combined charm, drive and intellect to weave some of the best political stories of our time. SHARE

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