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January 30, 2015
State Budget, Louisiana After Ferguson, An Incredible Louisiana Love Story Seen Nationwide

State Budget (02:54) The state budget shortfall has gotten worse. It’s now projected to be $1.6 Billion dollars and things don’t look any better in the coming years. The consequences could be dire for higher education and health care. As state lawmakers gear up for the legislative session many fear that right now there are no easy answers. A panel of political experts weigh in on the state of the budget and the possible fallout. SHARE

Louisiana After Ferguson (10:08) Who is policing the police in Louisiana? It’s a question raised around the nation after the recent cases of police officers who were not charged in the deaths of unarmed Black men in Ferguson, Missouri and Staten Island, New York. The Department of Justice is currently investigating another case in New Iberia Parish. Is the distrust of law enforcement by the Black community justified? We’ll explore Louisiana After Ferguson. SHARE

An Incredible Louisiana Love Story Seen Nationwide (17:31) It is the incredible Louisiana love story that has captured the attention of the country. When Max Zoghbi asked Bonnie Kate, a survivor of the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting in 2012, to marry him, it became the kind of thing movies are made of. In fact, there has been so much interest that it was recently shared on the national stage and this week Charlie Whinham shares the making of that epic proposal. SHARE



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